Podcast – Oliver Daniels and Gearoid Kennedy on Childcare Benefits Ireland...

HRHQ Podcast ILH Oliver Daniels & Gearoid Kennedy Hright Horizons (6)
Declan is joined by Oliver Daniels of Bright Horizons and Gearoid Kennedy of LMM Care to chat about the impact of family friendly benefits...

Podcast- Padraig Hyland, CEO, The Core Story

Story Telling is becoming a key skill in the leadership toolkit - Declan talks to Padraig Hyland, CEO of The Core Story about why leaders and organisations should care. They discuss what it is and why it is more important to be able to tell your authentic story than merely state a purpose or mission; the components of a good story and why authenticity matters; the difference between a Smart and a Heart Strategy

Podcast – Stacey Machesney & Enda Campbell of Irish Life Health

HRHQ Podcast ILH Stacey Machesney & Enda Campbell
Declan Collins chats to Stacey Machesney, Head of Health and Wellbeing and Enda Campbell, Strategic Wellbeing Consultant, at Irish Life Health. Discover how the...

Podcast – Laura Ryan, Director of International HR at Dropbox on...

HRHQ Podcast ILH 3 Laura Ryan Dropbox 1A
18 months on Declan Collins checks back in with Laura Ryan, Director of International HR at Dropbox to see how their organisational wide move...

Podcast – John Brady, Founder & CEO, Bowsy.com

In our Interview Series, brought to you by Irish Life Health, Bowsy founder and CEO John Brady talks to Declan about how remote working...

Podcast – Ross Seychell, CPO of Personio

HRHQ Podcast IL Ross Seychell 2
  As part of our Interview Series, brought to you by Irish Life Health, Declan chats to Ross Seychell, CPO of Personio.com about research they...

Podcast – Moira Dunne on Productivity in the Hybrid Environment

HRHQ_Podcast Moira Dunne
Moira Dunne of beproductive.ie joined Declan to discuss productivity in the hybrid working environment; the basic principles of being productive irrespective of where you...

The Interview Series 2: Joanna Murphy, CEO, Taxback.com

HRHQ_Podcast Joanna Murphy
Declan Collins chats to Joanna Murphy, Chief Executive of Taxback.com about financial wellbeing, the "low hanging fruit" of tax that employees are failing to...

The Interview Series 2: Dr. Michael McGrath, Technical Director, AMTCE

HRHQ_Podcast Michael McGrath
Declan chats to Dr Michael McGrath of the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence (AMTCE) about Industry 4.0; the development of the AMTCE; training...

The Interview Series 2: Patrick Gallen, Grant Thornton

HRHQ_Podcast Patrick Gallen, Grant Thornton
Patrick Gallen, Partner, People & Change Consulting at Grant Thornton Ireland joined Declan Collins to discuss blended working; "The Great Resignation"; walking the talk...