The Interview Series 2: Joanna Murphy, CEO, Taxback.com

Declan Collins chats to Joanna Murphy, Chief Executive of Taxback.com about financial wellbeing, the "low hanging fruit" of tax that employees are failing to...

HR News

CSO has issued results from the Labour Force Survey for Q1...

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has issued results from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) for Q1 2022. The employment rate for persons aged 15-64...


job interview candidate shaking hands with interviewee

Assessing Motivation Can Make or Break Your Next Hire

by Lou Adler, CEO and founder of The Adler Group In my 40+ years of recruiting, I’ve learned that recruiters often make a critical mistake...


Gender Pay Gap – Guidance Note on Calculating Pay Gap Metrics

by Jeffrey Greene, Partner in the Employment & Benefits Department, William Fry On 10 May 2022, the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth...


builder laying bricks on wall

Be a Builder

by Thomas J East A few years ago a company I worked for was interviewing for a human resource director to replace ours who had...


man with headphones enjoying work

Low Engagement, High Costs!

by James Joseph Brown The numbers aren't very good. In fact most would consider them downright grim. The numbers I'm talking about refer to the percentage...

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Breaking News

A judge has quashed a Minister’s direction seeking to compel Cork City and County Council's to coordinate on their development plans [...]

The pub and hotel group which owns Kehoe's and the Stag's Head in Dublin last year sustained a €37 million hit to revenues due to Covid-19 pandemic [...]

Mr Justice Brian O’Moore said it was clear from the examiner’s evidence that the company has a “reasonable prospect of survival” [...]

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Compensation & Benefits

income tax review notes and calculator

Employee Financial Wellbeing: How Being Tax-Savvy Can Help Solve Staff Money...

savings and calculator

Government Announces new Pension Scheme for Ireland

by Moira Grassick, COO at Peninsula Ireland Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys recently announced details of the Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System for Ireland....
people exchanging money in both hands

Benefits of Financial Education for your Employees

by Nick Lawlor,  Director, The Wellness Crew What if I told you that only 55% of Irish people consider themselves to be ‘financially literate’? Would you...

HR People

Claire Cotterell

Q&A with Claire Cotterell, HR Manager at Peter Mark

Claire Cotterell is HR Manager with Peter Mark, the well known Irish hairdressing chain founded in June 1961 by brothers Peter and Mark Keaveney....

Total Eclipse of HR?

HR Technology

room full of people learning

Turbocharge your Talent with Smarter Learning Processes

by Jeanette Wheeler, Chief HR Officer at MHR International When much of the workforce retreated to their home offices two years ago, the learning and...

Most Popular

Employee attending welfare meeting

How To Conduct An Employee Welfare Meeting

By James R Clark Employees at any company will from time to time become ill or suffer an injury, when this becomes a long term...


stressed employee talking with HR manager

Mental Health In The Workplace – Why It Matters, And How To Help?

by Sophia Young, owner of Content Studio and HRHQ contributor Making sure your employees are as healthy as they can be is one of the...
Group of healthy happy office workers

Why Having a Healthy Work Culture is a Competitive Advantage

by Fania Stoney, CEO and a Co-Founder of Healthy Place to Work® Ireland. We all find ourselves experiencing a time where competition for talent and...
woman working from home under stress

The Secret to Creating a Work-Life Balance

by Lavinia Sanders,  CEO of Balance with Lavinia What is the secret to creating a work-life balance? Today, with more people working from home this...

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