Podcast- Padraig Hyland, CEO, The Core Story

Story Telling is becoming a key skill in the leadership toolkit - Declan talks to Padraig Hyland, CEO of The Core Story about why leaders and organisations should care. They discuss what it is and why it is more important to be able to tell your authentic story than merely state a purpose or mission; the components of a good story and why authenticity matters; the difference between a Smart and a Heart Strategy

HR News

employees in team jerseys

Humanitarian aid agency GOAL is appealing to employees and members of...

Humanitarian aid agency GOAL is appealing to employees and members of organisations all over Ireland to show their true colours by getting on their...


candidate interview roon

Ban Soft Skills and Improve Hiring Results

by Lou Adler, CEO and founder of The Adler Group Soft skills don’t matter. They’re too soft and unimportant when it comes to hiring...


judge with gavel in hand

Competition Law Compliance in Talent Wars

by Kate McKenna, Partner in the EU, Competition and Regulatory Law Group, Matheson LLP This article summarises the competition law reasons why companies operating in...


office leadership meeting

Four Steps To Fostering Future Leadership

by Michael O'Leary, Chief Executive at HRM Recruitment While new leaders from external talent pools can bring new purpose and direction, sourcing leadership from within...


Abolish the Intern: Join The Apprenticeship Movement

by Ruth D Schwartz Imagine a world where young people are escorted, protected, and paid as they find their place, their work, and their lives. This...

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Breaking News

New accounts show Gym Plus Coffee Ltd recorded losses of €183,424 in 2021 as the business continued to expand. [...]

Troy Studios, a 350,000 sq ft film and television production facility, was developed by Limerick Twenty Thirty after it acquired the site of a former Dell factory in October 2015. [...]

Electric Vehicle, Plug-in Hybrids and Hybrids now have a combined market share of 40.76%, compared to 30.09% for petrol and 26.99% for diesel [...]

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Compensation & Benefits

person putting money into piggy bank

How to Plan for a Comfortable Retirement

by Lynda Hughes, Head of Direct Pensions at Davy Select  As life expectancy rises, many of us can expect 45 years in employment followed by...
income tax review notes and calculator

Employee Financial Wellbeing: How Being Tax-Savvy Can Help Solve Staff Money...

savings and calculator

Government Announces new Pension Scheme for Ireland

by Moira Grassick, COO at Peninsula Ireland Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys recently announced details of the Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System for Ireland....

HR People

Aisling Campbell Head of HR, Accenture in Ireland

Q&A with Aisling Campbell, Head of HR, Accenture in Ireland

Aisling Campbell is Head of HR with Accenture in Ireland. Accenture is a global professional services company which has been operating in Ireland for...
two ladies chatting

Total Eclipse of HR?

HR Technology

2 people working on laptops

Taking the Integrated Approach to HR Software


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Employee attending welfare meeting

How To Conduct An Employee Welfare Meeting

By James R Clark Employees at any company will from time to time become ill or suffer an injury, when this becomes a long term...


HRHQ Neuordiversity

Neurodiversity In The Workplace

by Niamh Pentony, Ergonomist and Director at Boyne Ergonomics As I have previously outlined, ergonomics and human factors is all about designing and optimising tasks,...
mother on maternity leave

Helping New Mums Back into the Workplace

by Stacey Mc Grath, Digital Marketing Executive with Intelligo Sofrware who provide Corporate HR Software and Payroll Software It is the toughest, scariest day for...
person with hearing difficulties

Struggling to Hear at Work

by Daniel Williams, Founding Director, Visualise Training and Consultancy Losing your hearing is scary, disconcerting and challenging and having to adapt the way you...

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