The Interview Series – Season 2 : Loretta Dignam, The Menopause...

We talk to Loretta Dignam, Founder of The Menopause Hub, Ireland’s first dedicated menopause clinic, and Ireland’s only multidisciplinary menopause clinic. We discuss how the menopause effects people and how it manifests in the workplace, why organisations should care (wellbing, productivity, legal, and retention) and how organisations and colleagues can help......

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ESRI research looks at ways to combat racial discrimination in the...

How effective are measures to reduce racial discrimination and promote diversity in the labour market? This is the focus of a report published by...


How Are Companies Combating The Great Resignation?

by Bryan Hyland, Commercial Director at Morgan McKinley Recent data suggests that a greater number of workers are quitting their jobs now than has been...


Labour Court awards €75,000 for Discriminatory Dismissal

by Cian Beecher, Partner and Niamh Fennelly, Professional Support Lawyer at Arthur Cox The Labour Court has awarded €75,000 in compensation for discriminatory dismissal after...


Team Building Lessons from the Modern Cave Man – Part 2

By Arthur F Carmazzi -Continued from Part 1 You've learned the first stage of TEAM Eevolution. Now... Stage 2: Soothing the significant caveman Now the caveman in you...


How Close Are We to Being Replaced by a Machine?

by Peter Cosgrove, MD of Futurewise Ltd. Despite all the doomsday messages about job losses, only one job has been eliminated in the last 60...

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Users can now turn on the feature for all new chats by default and choose how long messages stay for. [...]

Evergrande, which has made 11th-hour coupon payments in the past, declined to comment. [...]

The announcement comes following Cork County Council granting Aldi planning permission to build the new store. [...]

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What Budget 2022 means for HR

by Paycheck Plus                                           ...

Want to Attract and Retain the Best Talent?

by Houria Williams, Senior Manager, International HR Consultancy Solutions and Watson Wat, Senior Manager, Global Solutions at TMF Group As the world economy emerges from...

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Total Eclipse of HR?

HR departments are the civilian equivalent of internal affairs. It can be a dirty job, but someone has to do it. I was going to...

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How To Conduct An Employee Welfare Meeting

By James R Clark Employees at any company will from time to time become ill or suffer an injury, when this becomes a long term...


Stuck in a Rut at Work ?

by Jen Arnold, MS, RD/LDN Wellness includes other dimensions outside of physical health (eating, exercise, etc.) that all play into your day to day well-being. ...

What is “Tech Neck” and How to Prevent It

by Niamh Pentony, Ergonomist and Director at Boyne Ergonomics The increase in tele-working (e.g remote working, agile working, home working, hybrid working etc) has led...

Burnout and Its Organizational Effects: A Study on Literature Review

by Rahat Ahmed Chowdhury 1. Introduction Burnout is a prolonged response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job, and is defined by the three...

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