Podcast : Dr. Ryne Sherman, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer, Hogan Assessment Systems

In this episode, Declan Collins sits down with Dr. Ryne Sherman as we dive into the world of hybrid culture and high performance, recruitment...

HR News

pperson filling outwishlist

The top three things on the wishlist of Irish workers

by Tom Curran, head of wellbeing with Lockton People Solutions A four-day working week, followed by more flexible work hours and unlimited annual leave are...


Employee packing on last day in job

Job Hopping: Boon or a Bane?

by Bryan Hyland, Commercial Director at Morgan McKinley A gap in your resume or an average job tenure of 1.5 years or less would have...


judge with gavel in hand

Fully Paid Domestic Violence Leave to be Introduced in Ireland Shortly

by Alicia Compton, Partner in the Employment & Benefits Department, William Fry LLP Irish employees will soon have a statutory entitlement to paid domestic violence...


office leadership meeting

Four Steps To Fostering Future Leadership

by Michael O'Leary, Chairman at HRM Search Partners While new leaders from external talent pools can bring new purpose and direction, sourcing leadership from within...


Navigating the Global Workplace

In today's interconnected world, many organisations are expanding their operations beyond their home countries, leading to a more globalised workforce. This shift has opened...

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Breaking News

It comes after Ryanair announced it would be cancelling 17 routes and moving 19 aircraft to alternative EU airports this winter [...]

The company said the majority of the 40 new roles will be based in Ireland [...]

The switch to Toshiba’s new parent company and largest shareholder, called TBJH Inc, will take place on September 27th [...]

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Compensation & Benefits

Employee using ROS

Employer Reporting of Benefits: Enhanced Reporting Requirements

by Jillian O'Sullivan, Partner, Corporate Compliance at Grant Thornton Finance Act 2022 introduced the requirement for employers to notify Revenue of certain payments made to...
Man counting euro coins.

Auto-Enrolment: The Benefits to Employers

by Stephen Gillick, Partner in the Employment Law and Benefits team at Mason, Hayes & Curran What is the Auto-Enrolment Scheme? Auto-enrolment is a new retirement...
Man holding a lot of money

Auto-Enrolment and Pensions

by Gillian Dully, Associate Solicitor, Corporate & Commercial Law at LK Shields Solicitors LLP Automatic enrolment is a new form of retirement savings system that...

HR People


Q&A with Sharon Doyle, Head of HR and Corporate Affairs at...

Sharon Doyle is Head of HR and Corporate Affairs at Bord na Móna who provide employment for approximately 1500 people. Bord na Móna have...

HR Technology

HR professional working at computer

Choosing a Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

by Adam Coleman, CEO of Lahinch-based HR software solutions provider HRLocker Hybrid and remote working is pretty much the norm, especially in progressive workplaces. Add...

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worker lifting heavy box

Health and Safety in the Workplace: The Benefits of Manual Handling...

By Aidan C Lehane Having a positive health and safety environment in your workplace can have a big impact on the morale of the staff and...


HRHQ aging workforce

Workplace Health and Safety: Ensuring a Safe and Productive Environment

by Niamh Pentony, Ergonomist and Director at Boyne Ergonomics The workforce population is aging, and employers are increasingly faced with the challenge of providing a...
HRHQ thinking woman

Why do we Suffer the Pain of Procrastination?

By Deirdre Murray, Managing Consultant/Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator with PEOPLE RESOURCES “My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination...
remote worker on zoom meeting

Reducing the Negative Impact of Video Meetings

by Niamh Pentony, Ergonomist and Director at Boyne Ergonomics The forced move in March 2020 to home-working and the requirement for social distancing saw a...