HRHQ Podcast IL Ross Seychell 2

Podcast – Ross Seychell, CPO of Personio

  As part of our Interview Series, brought to you by Irish Life Health, Declan chats to Ross Seychell, CPO of Personio.com about research they...

HR News

NovaUCD competition winners

NovaUCD’s Student Enterprise Competition won by HR start-up

Emerging HR start-up Strive has won €5,000 after being named the overall winner of this year’s NovaUCD Student Enterprise Competition. Strive is developing an online...


candidate at job interview

How the Best Candidates Want to be Hired

by Lou Adler, CEO and founder of The Adler Group In a recent post, I made the contention that too many companies design their hiring...


judges gavel

Date of Dismissal – A Complex Issue

by Antoinette Vahey, partner in Ronan Daly Jermyn's Employment Group The “date of dismissal” issue has come before the WRC for determination on a number...


distressed woman wearing hijab

How to Eliminate Workplace Discrimination

by Chatty Garrate, freelance writer and HRHQ contributor Discrimination in the workplace can take many different forms. It might be based on someone's sex, race, religion,...


lots of apples and oranges

How To Compare Apples to Oranges

by Warren Hayford Do you compare your organization's performance to other organizations? Many organizations don't. If your company doesn't you are passing up a valuable tool...

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Breaking News

The Emergency Call Answering Service experienced an outage between 1am and 2.15am on Tuesday. [...]

BMR/BMRG, which had around 60 employees, were wound up earlier this month following a failed examinership process. [...]

The two partners are currently discussing with regulators enhanced versions of their vaccine to better protect against the Omicron variant [...]

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Compensation & Benefits

income tax review notes and calculator

Employee Financial Wellbeing: How Being Tax-Savvy Can Help Solve Staff Money...

savings and calculator

Government Announces new Pension Scheme for Ireland

by Moira Grassick, COO at Peninsula Ireland Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys recently announced details of the Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System for Ireland....
people exchanging money in both hands

Benefits of Financial Education for your Employees

by Nick Lawlor,  Director, The Wellness Crew What if I told you that only 55% of Irish people consider themselves to be ‘financially literate’? Would you...

HR People

Claire Cotterell

Q&A with Claire Cotterell, HR Manager at Peter Mark

Claire Cotterell is HR Manager with Peter Mark, the well known Irish hairdressing chain founded in June 1961 by brothers Peter and Mark Keaveney....
two ladies chatting

Total Eclipse of HR?

HR Technology


What To Look For in Sourcing Software

by Winston J Pancake If your organization has a bundled software suite, you should consider your options. Sourcing suites on their own are much more effective...

Most Popular

Employee attending welfare meeting

How To Conduct An Employee Welfare Meeting

By James R Clark Employees at any company will from time to time become ill or suffer an injury, when this becomes a long term...


distressed woman with head in hands

Every-Day Ways To Mind Your Mental Health

by The Wellness Crew We should be as careful with our mental health as we are with our physical wellbeing. Over the course of our lives,...
work colleagues in discussion

Supporting Employees Affected by Pregnancy Loss

by Emma Walker, Committee member of The Miscarriage Association of Ireland Given that 1 in every 5 pregnancies in Ireland ends in miscarriage, most workplaces...
stressed employee talking with HR manager

Mental Health In The Workplace – Why It Matters, And How To Help?

by Sophia Young, owner of Content Studio and HRHQ contributor Making sure your employees are as healthy as they can be is one of the...

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