Podcast: Loretta Dignam, CEO & Founder, The Menopause Hub

Guest presenter Andrea Hayes talks to Loretta Dignam, Founder of The Menopause Hub, Ireland’s first dedicated and multidisciplinary menopause clinic. They discuss the effects of...

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Union member worker

First ‘trade union week’ announced for Ireland

by HRHQ Editorial Team The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) has announced Ireland’s first Trade Union Week, which will take place between 29th April...


Performance based hiring interview

The D in DEI Does Not Stand for Discrimination

by Lou Adler, CEO and founder of The Adler Group On my first search assignment for a plant manager for an automotive products company the...


Supreme court judge

Refusal of Flexible Work Request Submitted by Single Mother

by Greta Siskauskaite, Solicitor, Employment law at Fieldfisher LLP (Ireland) A Workplace Relations Commission ("WRC") Adjudicator has held that an employee ("the Complainant") was discriminated against on...


Financial leadership skills meeting

The Vital Role of Financial Literacy in Leadership

by Farah Barry, Content and Brand Manager at IMI The shift from a managerial role to that of a leader signifies not just a change...


Workplace Romance

Office Romances, How Employers Should Deal With Them

by Moira Grassick, COO at Peninsula Ireland With Valentine’s Day just gone love may be in the air, but workplace romances and office relationships can...

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Profits were hit after the cost of sales increased by 15 per cent rising from €108.13 million to €124.66 million. [...]

The former Riverdance star has brought proceedings over an alleged €30 million worth of damage caused to Castlehyde Manor [...]

Bank of Ireland bought the Davy Group in 2022 for €427 million [...]

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Compensation & Benefits


Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP): Employer Year End Obligations

by Jillian O'Sullivan, Partner, Corporate Compliance at Grant Thornton Businesses with employees who availed of SARP during 2023 are required to file their annual SARP...
employee in company car

Company Vehicle BIK rules from 1st January 2024

by Jillian O'Sullivan, Partner, Corporate Compliance at Grant Thornton Minister McGrath in Budget 2024 announced an extension of the temporary measures introduced in 2023 with...
Employee using ROS

Employer Reporting of Benefits: Enhanced Reporting Requirements

by Jillian O'Sullivan, Partner, Corporate Compliance at Grant Thornton Finance Act 2022 introduced the requirement for employers to notify Revenue of certain payments made to...

HR People

HRHQ_Q&A Jesper Diget is Group Chief People Officer at emagine

Q&A with Jesper Diget, Group Chief People Officer at emagine

Jesper Diget is Group Chief People Officer at emagine, a high-end business & IT consulting company challenging the way businesses leverage high-end expertise. We asked Jesper...

HR Technology

Navigating the HR Software Selection Process

By HRHQ Editorial Team   In the ever-evolving landscape of Human Resources (HR), technology plays a pivotal role in streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and ultimately contributing...

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worker lifting heavy box

Health and Safety in the Workplace: The Benefits of Manual Handling...

By Aidan C Lehane Having a positive health and safety environment in your workplace can have a big impact on the morale of the staff and...


Work-life balance or harmony

Work-Life Balance Has Failed Us – But Harmony Could Be the Future

by Helena Demuynck, Transformation Guide for Conscious Women Leaders The concept of "work-life balance" has been the dominant paradigm for integrating our personal and professional...

February Happiness Calendar

Be friendly to others and give your relationships a boost This month, our friends at Action for Happiness ask us to be friendly to others...
HRHQ Laptop

Let Go of the Laptop for 2024

by Niamh Pentony, Ergonomist and Director at Boyne Ergonomics For many of us, how we work has changed dramatically since March 2020 and while some...