Podcast – John Brady, Founder & CEO, Bowsy.com

In our Interview Series, brought to you by Irish Life Health, Bowsy founder and CEO John Brady talks to Declan about how remote working is changing graduate recruitment, opening up opportunities for a more diverse group of students. The ability to log in to work from anywhere in the country, or further, is lifting some socio economic barriers to employment, removing the need to pay high rents in large urban areas for one. It is also opening up an opportunity for students and companies to easily work together before committing to a long term employment, in a try before you buy type arrangement.

Attracting students has never been more competitive and while remuneration is a key driver of what offers are accepted – work life balance, fit, ability to grow in the company are huge considerations as well, all of which become more apparent to employee and employer if the two have worked together a bit before full time employment…

About our guest

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John Brady is the CEO of Bowsy.com and founded the company over 2 years ago after a 15 year international career as a Marketing Director in a FTSE10 company. Originally from Dublin, John received a B.Comm from UCD and spent most of his career abroad, working in Europe, the Middle East and Asia until he returned to Ireland in 2020 to launch Bowsy.

Bowsy is a new marketplace that connects third level students with employers through paid, remote and study-related work experience with the objective of enabling equality of opportunity for all students and also improving diversity in the graduate recruitment process. Bowsy was named as Tech Start-up of the year at the National Start-up awards last year and was also a finalist in this years Irish Times Innovation Awards


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