Podcast – Mick Lavin on Coaching New Leaders and Coaching Across Cultures

HRheadquarters - The Human Resources Podcast
HRheadquarters - The Human Resources Podcast
Podcast - Mick Lavin on Coaching New Leaders and Coaching Across Cultures

Mick Lavin is an Organisational, Team, Agile Coach and Mentor who works with individuals and organisations to get the best out of themselves. Mick talks to us about the different roles of coaches and mentors; coaching for new leaders; internal and external coaches, and the subtleties of coaching across cultures and internationally…..and more….


About our guest

Mick Lavin is a Leadership, Intercultural, Team, Business Agility Coach, & Mentor, accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. For the past 30+ years, he has worked in the world of technology as a people, project, and strategic account manager in several European countries, with the US, in the Middle East, and in Asia. He specialises in people & leadership development and business agility in multicultural business environments, helping organisations move to a more responsive and people centric mindset.

Throughout the past 3 decades, Mick has developed and coached teams across global locations, improving motivation, performance, communications, agility, and productivity. Possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills enables Mick to work successfully across geographic and organisational boundaries.

He is passionate about learning & development, agile business transformation, and unlocking the potential within individuals and organisations.

e: [email protected]

u: micklavin.com

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