Podcast – Oliver Daniels and Gearoid Kennedy on Childcare Benefits Ireland and the Gender Pay Gap

HRheadquarters - The Human Resources Podcast
HRheadquarters - The Human Resources Podcast
Podcast - Oliver Daniels and Gearoid Kennedy on Childcare Benefits Ireland and the Gender Pay Gap

Declan is joined by Oliver Daniels of Bright Horizons and Gearoid Kennedy of LMM Care to chat about the impact of family friendly benefits on the gender pay gap, and the current state of childcare options in Ireland. They discuss this important subject and the impact it is having on the Gender Pay Gap and possible strategies for organisations to mitigate this problem…


About our guests

Bright Horizons

To find out how Bright Horizons could help your organisation become more family friendly and, ultimately, narrow its Gender Pay Gap:

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Download the Parental Leave Benchmark and other best-practice research: https://solutions.brighthorizons.co.uk/resources/research

LMM Care, The Childcare Experts. We Are There When You Can’t Be! 

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The pandemic has fundamentally transformed our work-life dynamic, blurring the already faded lines between work and family, perhaps permanently eroding what was just a generation ago a well-defined, clear-cut separation of the two. Learn what Ireland’s leading employers are already doing to help their working parents and carers meet the novel challenges that hybrid working, periodic lockdowns, and a school-free world have presented.www.brighthorizons.co.uk/

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