Podcast – Laura Ryan, Director of International HR at Dropbox on Virtual First Working

18 months on Declan Collins checks back in with Laura Ryan, Director of International HR at Dropbox to see how their organisational wide move to remote working and a “virtual first” strategy has gone so far – they chat about the uptake of employees to access 3rd party remote offices (it is low), the importance of impact over presenteeism, and the not so obvious but welcomed impact it has had on recruitment, retention and wellbeing…

About our guest

Laura Ryan, Director of International HR at Dropbox

Laura Ryan is the Director of International HR at Dropbox, the content collaboration platform that helps keep work organised in the new world of distributed working.

Laura joined Dropbox in 2015 to lead the company’s international people strategy and operations – and her team ensures that Dropbox continues to grow as a great place to work. Prior to this, she spent five years at Google building out their fast growing geo operations function for Europe, leading recruitment activities and building HR policies.

Today, Laura has over 17 years of experience within the HR industry, having previously started her career at the insurance company Aviva, where her commitment to “making work human” was awarded with fast-tracked progression during her seven years at the organisation.

Laura also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Galway University and is committed to her personal mission as an HR leader to shape the way of working for future generations.


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