Technology is Changing HR

by Stacey Mc Grath, Digital Marketing Executive with Intelligo Sofrware who provide Corporate HR Software and Payroll Software

With ground-breaking HR technology solutions emerging onto the market, there is now a tech boom that is changing HR as we know it. Be it mobile apps or self-service modules, the development of HR Technology is a trend that shows no signs of stopping, especially considering the current COVID-19 pandemic. Technology is changing the way HR departments operate; from how they contact or engage with employees right through to analysing employee performance. Here are three ways technology is changing HR as we know it;

Compliance will be sustainable
Sustainably remaining compliant has often been a significant challenge for HR departments but now, more than ever before is critical. Laws and regulations are continually changing and usually require vast amounts of paperwork and information – even before GDPR came into play. Compliance once required organisation and dedicated IT storage capacity, but cloud-based solutions have streamlined this process. As technologies continue to improve and laws progress, businesses will frequently turn to technology to navigate these complex compliance issues.

Analytics will drive better performance management
Performance management has long been a critical HR function. HR specialists have driven the process, observing the performance of the workforce and facilitating employee reviews. Technology has streamlined the process and discharged a lot of unnecessary steps, but the next data-driven phase of performance management is here with the speedy and widespread adoption of people analytics that helps managers and executives make decisions about their employees.

The data pulled from analytics in HR Tech can be used to create actionable insights and conclusively support data-driven decisions from advancements or remuneration to development and succession planning. Analysing this data also helps HR to identify opportunities for employees to benchmark their performance going forward.

A strategic position for HR
Technology has given HR professionals tools to decrease the time they spend on daily administrative tasks, allowing them to concentrate on issues that need more hands-on attention or strategic issues. Before mobile apps and cloud computing, HR was marked by piles of paperwork and a continuous struggle to keep up with hiring and collections of employee information.

By simplifying responsibilities like recruitment, record keeping and payroll, technology has significantly enhanced productivity and efficiency. HR’s role as an administrative role will continue to shift to HR being a strategic advantage for a company, as the department continues to be aided by technology that simplifies administrative tasks and frees up time and resources to make a more crucial impact on the company.

If businesses have learned anything since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, its the flexibility and necessity of technology to get their businesses and their workforce through this as unscathed as possible. So not only is new tech changing HR as we know it, it’s changing as we need it.