Hire Millennials Who Are Hightly Productive & Low Turnover

By Michael Mercer


My hiring research using pre-employment tests and in-depth interviews reveals common negative comments about hiring Millennials is like the Yogi Berra phrase: “It’s like déjà vu all over again!” Yes, I notice managers and publications express panic, concern, and disdain for Millennials.

Observation: The criticisms and complaining about Millennials is essentially the exact same criticisms and complaining people expressed about all other Generations. This includes Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials, and any other so-called “generation” with a cute label.


In my research to help companies hire terrific employees, I always custom-tailor pre-employment tests. To scientifically custom-tailor benchmark pre-employment test scores, I have the company test some of its best employees in each job. I call those employees “superstars.” These terrific employees have two important factors: They are both
1. Highly Productive
2. Low Turnover

When I test superstar employees to create custom-tailored benchmark pre-employment test scores, I NEVER ask for nor find out nor take into account any personal or genetic data, including if the person is in Millennial generation. I only use pre-employment assessment or test data that is (a) factual and work-related, and (b) not related to non-work-related factors.

Results: Superstar employees are successful in their jobs, regardless of whether they are Millennials or Generations X or Y or Z or Baby Boomers!


For example, let’s say a company wants to test job candidates so it can hire terrific, superstar Sales Reps.

First, I benchmark pre-employment personality and intelligence test scores of the company’s best Sales Reps who are both highly productive and also low turnover.

My research often (but not always) finds superstar Sales Reps get high test scores on six personality traits:
* Money Motivation
* Motivation to Follow-Up
* Friendliness
* Teamwork
* Self-confidence
* Optimism

Also, I sometimes discover a company’s best Sales Reps also get high scores on three intelligence test scales:
* Problem-Solving or Reasoning Ability
* Arithmetic or Math Ability
* Ability to Handle Small Details

Notice: A person of any generation, age, or gender can get high test scores on those six personality test scales and three intelligence test scales. Job applicants who get high scores on those nine pre-hire test scales can be members of the Millennial or any generation!

Another example: Let’s say a company wants to test applicants so it can hire productive, low-turnover blue-collar workers, such as Warehouse Worker.

For blue-collar pre-employment testing, I use two tests: (1) dependability or reliability test and (2) intelligence or mental abilities tests.

I start by having the company’s best, superstar Warehouse Workers take the pre-employment tests. From that, I statistically find the benchmark or typical test scores of the company’s best, highly productive, low turnover Warehouse Workers.

Recently, I did this with a company, and found its best Warehouse Workers got high dependability or reliability test scores on six measures
* Honesty
* Work Ethic
* Thinking First (not being Impulsive)
* Not Stealing
* Not Being Substance Abuser
* Ability to Handle Small Details

They also got average scores on two intelligence test scales:
* Arithmetic or Math Ability
* Ability to Handle Small Details

Notice: Any Millennial can get these pre-employment test scores. The age or generation of the applicant has nothing to do with whether or not an applicant gets pre-employment test scores similar to that company’s superstar Warehouse Workers or other employees.

First, on pre-employment tests, do research to make custom-tailored benchmarks based on your company’s best, superstar employees in each job.

For white-collar jobs, use personality tests and work-related intelligence tests.

For blue-collar jobs, use dependability (reliability) tests plus work-related intelligence tests.

Test superstars in each job who are both
1. highly productive
2. low turnover.
From that benchmark testing, statistically determine custom-tailored benchmark test scores for each job in your company.

Second, have job candidates take the pre-employment tests or assessments.

When an applicant’s pre-employment test scores are within the benchmark test scores, you should seriously consider hiring that person, regardless of whether the person is a Millennial or of any other generation.

But, if an applicant’s test scores fall outside your custom-tailored range of benchmark test scores, you should go find better applicants who have work-related qualities more similar to your highly productive, low turnover employees.

Focus on hiring person who objectively has work-related qualities similar to your best employees. Do not take into account the so-called generation of the applicant.

This scientific hiring method makes it irrelevant if the applicant is a Millennial. So, you are wise to use custom-tailored pre-employment tests and other screening methods in your quest to hire good employees who are both highly productive + low turnover!



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