Createing A Great Job Advert That Works

by Stacey Mc Grath, Digital Marketing Executive with Intelligo Sofrware who provide Corporate HR Software and Payroll Software

Creating a job advert for a company is often done with the assumption that the candidates are actively seeking to apply for the position. As the ‘war for talent’ rages on, this is no longer the case, and such job adverts discourage the best talent from applying for the vacancy. To create a great job advert that works for your business, consider implementing the following points in your next advertisement.

Target your Talent
Begin drafting your job advert with your ideal candidate firmly in mind as doing so will enable you to adjust the advert to highlight what will be the most significant aspects of the position. List roughly three to five of the primary responsibilities or duties of the role the successful candidate will be required to undertake. Just remember your advert is not a thorough job description and does not need to include every detail of the job.
Also, consider the qualifications, skills and qualities you are seeking in your perfect candidate, then split these into required and advantageous categories. Consider these carefully to assess if they are needed or just desired. If you want high-quality candidates to apply these criteria can ensure quality applications, but too strict standards can be discouraging also.

Review the Job Title
Arguably, the most significant part of writing a job advert is getting the title right, yet this is where so many go wrong. It can be intriguing to come up with creative or unusual titles, like ninja or guru, to try to attract candidates. In the same way, it’s best to avoid ‘internal jargon.’. Internally, the position may be referred to as a ‘Category 2 IT Support Consultant’ but how many candidates are using the very same search term? Instead, success lies in using recognisable and specific keywords to the role as it’s bound to draw the most appropriate candidates for the vacancy.

Showcase your Company
Great candidates consider their skills and experience to be valuable to the job market, so if you want them to apply for a position, you’ll need to attract them to your business as you would a client or customer. Rather than a list of points purely about the role itself, try also to showcase your company with appealing information. Provide information on working hours, pay, bonuses, advancements and education opportunities, benefits or perks. Anything applicants will find exciting and more alluring than other positions on offer.

The more enthusiasm and careful attention you put into writing your great job advert, the greater chance you have of attracting the best talent for your business. Consider some of the best examples of Job Ads in 2018, to see if yours hits the mark. You may also be interested in HR Software that would allow you to manage your recruitment and HR requirements and on-boarding processes.