3 Key Tips for Updating a Job Posting

by Anne Reily, Founder and CEO of PaycheckPlus

So, an employee is moving on and you need to fill the position again. It’s simple, right? Just update the previously advertised job posting which outlines the role, details the qualifications required and notes the salary expectations and that’s it–your job vacancy is ready for posting. This is the typical approach taken when it comes to job postings but it’s obviously not the best. Below are 3 key tips (which I feel are the most crucial when developing/updating a job listing) that will help you attract your ideal employee.

1.Don’t just update an old job posting – revamp it
Companies change, teams evolve, roles adjust so you shouldn’t regurgitate old job postings. Job listings help form the foundation of the recruitment process and should be informed by the current role requirements, company culture and up-to-date business needs etc., so old job postings may need to be completely overhauled.

2.Profile your ideal candidate and appeal to them
Identify your ideal candidate and write your listing to appeal to them. If you’re looking for friendly and energetic candidates don’t write a cold, dull job posting – put some life into it. By reflecting the personality traits that you’re seeking, your job listing can more effectively grab the attention of your ideal candidate. There’s a lot of competition out there seeking talented individuals, your job listing may get overlooked by your ideal candidate if it doesn’t appeal to him/her.

3.Don’t rush it
Finding the right person takes time. In an effort to speed up the hiring process job posting development can get rushed. Not paying sufficient time and attention to developing accurate and effective content can result in a posting and applications that are not right for the business, the role or the candidates. When it comes to the hiring process, start as early as possible to avoid rushing the development of the job posting (or any aspect of the process for that matter).

Follow these 3 key tips and it will help in attracting the perfect candidate for the position.