Podcast: Dr Máire Finn on Female Health and the Workplace

HRheadquarters - The Human Resources Podcast
HRheadquarters - The Human Resources Podcast
Podcast: Dr Máire Finn on Female Health and the Workplace

Declan Collins talks to Dr Máire Finn on the 3Ms of menstruation, maternity, and menopause and how they effect employees in the workplace; how HR can help; accomodations for men and women; non gender specific roles and equal opportunities; recent legislation in this area; and women’s champions….and much more….



About our guest

Dr Máire Finn is a GP, broadaster and educator passionate about women’s health and wellbeing. 

Based at Ennis Medical, Dr Finn recently formalised the menopause care she has always provided by starting a specialty clinic in her surgery.  She also trains and mentors other GPs in menopause care.

Dr Finn also sits on the Irish Life Wellbeing Advisory Council, and is one of a panel of Centric Health GPs who delivers Irish Life Health’s Female Health Consultation service.


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