Unexpected Benefits of Using a Time Tracker

By Andrew Malzev


You’ll be able to evaluate your own efficiency

You’d be astonished by how much work time you waste throughout the day. While many of us think of ourselves as highly-productive employees, in reality, it’s all too easy to waste time if you do not track it. After only one month of tracking your time, you’ll see how much of your work day is spent not getting work done.

Using a time tracker is a great way to see that you’re using your work time efficiently. By keeping an accurate data of what you’ve been spending your time on, you can establish yourself as the diligent worker that you are. If you’re not an owner or project manager, you can use time information to show how efficient you’ve been as leverage in negotiation for a raise or promotion.


You can perfect your task management

If you’re not tracking your time accurately, it can be extremely hard to make sure that tasks you need to do in every single project to be done. By tracking your timeflow and comparing it to your results, you can evaluate whether you’re spending too much or too little time on each separate part of your work and adjust your daily, weekly, and monthly goals accordingly.

Honestly, the time and effort you devote to setting goals could be better spent really achieving them. With the employee’s time tracker you can streamline the task management process and make it easier to analyze and re-evaluate from time to time.


You can ease your customers’ concerns about your billing

Ever had a customer ask, “Where exactly is my money going?” Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to demonstrate them exactly how their money is spent?

You’ll never skip a beat the next time you get this question if you start using the time tracker. Your customers’ concerns will be put at ease instantly when you show them a detailed data of every hour spent on their project. More of that, you’ll be able to make sure you spend your customers’ time and money wisely in a glance. Your reputation among your customers is paramount for your success; and good luck finding someone who will not be impressed by your thorough and accurate time tracking.


You cut time theft

This is more of a worst-case scenario, and hopefully your employees are trustworthy and reliable enough that this isn’t a problem. Even still, many employees may be misreporting their time for private gain, be it through “buddy punching” – or having another employee clock someone in before they actually show up to work or just taking a longer lunch break than they are allowed.

No matter of whether this is deliberate or accidental, time theft is an expensive problem that can be fully avoided by using the automatic time tracker. By tracking your employee’s time, you can guarantee that your staff is held accountable.


You’ll be able to develop a system-wide standard for your company

It’s important to have all employees in your office on the same page. By using the same software system-wide, you can remove the risk of human error and make sure everyone is able to work together efficiently.




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