3 Reasons Why you Should Quit Your Job

by Ruaidhri Horan, Marketing Manager, Abrivia Recruitment

Many employees are hesitant to quit their job as they love financial security and believe that “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t” when they are considering a job move. Others are well on top of their job requirements and operating well within their comfort zone. Why would you consider quitting a job under these circumstances? Well, below are three good reasons why.

You hate your job
Just because you operate within your comfort zone and are handsomely financially remunerated, does not mean that you are not entitled to hate your job. You may be in a situation where you work in a job which is much different to what was sold to you and the boredom and monotony of your daily tasks are driving you to distraction

Toxic atmosphere

You work in an office where there is a toxic atmosphere and your mental health is beginning to suffer, every morning you dread going into work and the number of sick days you need to take have sky rocketed in the past few months. Regardless of the benefits I would strongly recommend you get out of this environment to protect your mental health. Apart from your own mental health, a toxic work environment which is full of drama and infighting could potentially affect the future viability of the organisation.

Crazy Work Hours
You are expected to work a 70-80-hour workweek and survive on 4 hours sleep every night. These crazy work hours could eventually lead to emotional burnout, not to mention other negative physical and emotional health effects. Columbia University recently carried out a study of 8,.000 workers and found that workers who were sedentary for 13 hours (i.e. working at their desks with sedentary bouts of at least 60 to 90 consecutive minutes) were twice as likely to die than those who were sedentary for 11.5 hours.

Sleep deprivation often accompanies crazy work hours. Sleep deprivation leads to some very alarming side effects such as irritability, weight gain, premature aging, accidents, poor decision marking, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depleted sex drive, forgetfulness and depression.

You may be well remunerated and like your job but the crazy hours you are expected to work are having a negative effect on your personal relationships, not to mention the severe potential health effects if you continue this behaviour indefinitely.

There are many occasions when you should quit your job. Of course, the ideal is that you have secured a new position before you inform your employer that you are finally “moving on”.

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