4 Fun Corporate Team Building Activities Your Team Will Enjoy

by Siddharth S Sehrawat

Have you been noticing some droopy shoulders around your office lately? Maybe your employees are exhausted at work? If your answer is ‘yes’ to these questions, then it sounds like your team needs an outing. There are several team building activities that you can organize to establish a bonding with your staff.

But how do you about finding the best team building activities? A Google search will help you with many results for professional development activities you’re after for your team.

Listed below are four of the most amazing and fun corporate team building activities that your team cannot help but thoroughly enjoy.

  1. Scavenger Hunt – There’s no other activity that seems more fun than the scavenger hunt. This is one great activity that not only amuses, but also encourages your staff to team up innovatively. To begin with, consider the total strength of participants and break the group into teams of two or more. Now, make a list of all those items you want every team member to find. Or, you can make a list of all those things you would like them to do. The team that accomplishes all the tasks is the winner. Having a scavenger city is the best thing you can do to encourage your team. When you throw down challenges to your employees, they will feel amazing and revitalized. Make sure you take numerous irrational pictures, so you can share them with all of the team members.
  2. Cook-Off – Wondering how to go about organizing this activity? Fret not! Your employees will have a great time that they will express their gratitude to you in the end. Know that this culinary activity could lead to dessert or disaster. Of course, it’s going to be extreme fun. Your staff will have to unleash their creativity when creating new dishes as a team. They will have to implement their leadership skills when creating lip-smacking dishes. Make sure your employees are divided into smaller teams. Now, choose any food category and challenge the team to make something appetizing quickly.
  3. Scramble Puzzle – It’s one of the most interesting team building activities that will create a high level of trust and communication among the members of your team. What you need are two blindfolds and two sets of easy puzzles. Make sure every member of the team is blindfolded. Make the team sit in circle. Now, one of the team members should be without the blindfold and he or she has to sit with his or her back to the group. Now, you should spread various pieces of the puzzle in front of the blindfolded team. The blindfolded team now tries to assemble the pieces of the puzzle to complete it.
  4. Office Trivia – If you’re thinking that trivia night only takes place at the bar, you’re mistaken. In fact, it’s one of the best incentive activities that allow you to bring a large group of co-workers together. Challenging their brains in the areas that don’t apply to the jobs they’re hired to do is interesting. Break the teams into two or more and offer a fabulous price to the team that scores the highest points.

There are several other activities that will allow your employees to interact well with one another and start off on a good note. Also, they reduce employee stress and take the burden off their shoulders. In fact, these activities are the best way allowing your team members to get to know one another better. And, who says they are not fun? You are going to have a great time bonding with your team members.

About the author

Siddharth S Sehrawat is an expert content writer and has been writing on several interesting topics for years. He has deep knowledge of team building activities and other corporate fun activities.