How to Pick the Best HR Software Solution for Your Business?

by Stacey Lennon, Digital Marketing Executive with Intelligo Sofrware who provide Corporate HR Software and Payroll Software

Choosing a new HR Software Solution for your business can be a daunting task. One you may be trying to avoid, but the right solution can turn your HR department into a dynamic service.. Before you begin you search though, there are a few factors you may need to consider. This is so you can see the benefits of using such a solution. To touch on benefits, the list is quite extensive. Using a HR Software Solution will reduce the hours spent doing manual tasks, automate functions and lessen the human error element of HR.

You may wonder, why I am offering tips for HR Software Solutions in general? Why am I not just harping on about Intelligo Software? To explain, each business is different and requires a different solution. There are a plethora of technology available to buy. Yet it is so easy to then realise that the software selected is too complicated to use or does not include the functionality you need. Worse still after you have purchased it! To select the solution that suits and adapts to your requirements, certain elements need to be addressed. I want you to be sure you have the right HR Software Solution.

So to make it just that bit easier on you I have some tips for you to take on board while in the selection stage of your HR Software Solution Journey.

1. Be Aware
The purpose of a HR Software Solution is to enable change for the better, you should not have to change for the sake of the software! It should increase your efficiency and productivity, not make things harder for anyone. Instead, it should ensure a more streamlined process fitting in with your workflow. In some cases this ends up being a reverse scenario, as many adapt their workflow to fit around their new software. This is a major no go area! This tends to occur because the decision makers have not looked at the Solution with a wider field of vision.
The key here is to know your company and its HR needs, from the perspective of your HR Department and your Employees. As you are looking for a solution to complete specific processes for all, you need to be aware of what they are from the get go.

Your plan should start with a pretty basic structure and then build upon it as needed;
• The needs/requirements of your HR process.
• Present/future functionality desires of your HR Department.
• The needs/requirements of your Employees.
• Your company’s budget parameters.
• Implementation support and future technical help.

The benefits of a HR Software Solution are only visible if you know it’s made your life easier. You need to know what you want the software to do and make sure it’s done. If it ticks all your boxes then success! Don’t go for a ‘one size fits most’ approach- it seldom works and you end up adjusting to suit it. Know what you want and go get it!

2. Use a Team for Research & Demonstration
The next part of the guide focuses on research. This should include members of both HR and IT working as a team but also take into account managerial and/or Employee thoughts and feedback.
Now you need to find out what’s available. Start by searching for general HR Software Solutions and see if they have the functionality that you need. Ask for referrals from clients and check them out online to get as much information on their products as possible.

If you’re unsure of anything give them a call! When you ask questions on the software, look for areas of potential concern they might brush past. Don’t be afraid to delve into questions that you need answers on.
Once you have weeded out those who do not meet your requirements, contact the prospective suppliers for a demo of their software. Demonstration of the product is the most important part of the process. You can see how it works and looks first hand. Have a few members of the team present for this demonstration so that you can collaborate on feedback and queries later on.

3. Remember the Small Things
Having seen demonstrations from potential suppliers you need to be clear on what’s included. What features come as standard with a contract and what would mean a fee? Most software will come with a basic product that is as standard. But if you need expanded functionality this may mean a cost, so keep that in mind with your budget.
Also, ensure that the product selected has regular updates or maintenance and technical support. Drill down on what comes standard in your contract and what would entail extra costs. You need to be certain that feel supported from the start of the process, from implementation and beyond.
This also means considering your budget and what you can afford. Don’t forget to include among everything the costs involved in training staff, from the initial get go through to new hires. Makes sure you have all the information.

4. Trust Your Choice

If you’ve gotten through to this stage using this advice, then you have already ironed out all the thorny details! You may have also chosen your new HR Software Solution – success! So now it’s time to trust the experts and let them do the hard work. Your provider will have experience in implementing their HR Software Solution.
They will do so in the most efficient manner and swift manner possible. Help where required but trust in their expertise. Then you’re done!

In the end, the benefits of investing in new HR Software Solution are abundant. It brings not only cost and time savings, but also the opportunity to streamline your HR process. The right software has the power to transform your business! This is only achievable because it has been thought out and the right criteria selected. Making this a secure and powerful decision for your business. Now and in the future.