HR Software in the age of COVID-19

by Stacey Mc Grath, Digital Marketing Executive with Intelligo Sofrware who provide Corporate HR Software and Payroll Software

Not long ago, HR Departments had their sights set on mission-critical issues: how to draw new, high-performing talent or boost their employee engagement strategies. While those essential talent-management challenges remain, they have been entirely overtaken by dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and all it involves. Bottom line, HR is now principally focused on figuring out how to remain effective in its reaction to COVID-19 and their employees. This is where your HR software should be helping to ease pain points and if it is not, then you may need to consider a new long-term solution.

 Managing Employees

Managing your employees is crucial during this tumultuous time. Your HR software should enable you to keep track of every aspect that is needed to plot your employee’s career advancement plan even during these times. This includes collecting information about their performance working from home, preserving a record of points for development, and conducting appraisals periodically. You can also ensure that the data from these appraisals are appropriately stored, including the items you have covered, the aims you set, and the feedback collected. This improves your employee’s morale by giving them goals to aim for and making them feel engaged with your company, even remotely.

 Monitor Annual Leave

A rush of annual leave requests can overwhelm HR. A versatile software helps you set up an effortless holiday planning system and understand the reasoning behind each absence. Better than being a glorified diary, good HR Software benefits your employees and managers by keeping track of remaining leave, calculating pro-rata entitlements, and helping you manage leave requests. HR software also makes things more accessible for employees as they can request holidays at any time, no matter where they are working. The result? No more messy, time-consuming, email trails.

 On-Boarding New Employees

If your business is fortunate enough to onboard new employees now, the traditional ‘welcome to the company’ method is gone – it is all virtual now. When you use an HR Software to manage employee onboarding, you focus less on formalities and more on hitting the ground running. With self-service portals becoming a standard offering of HR software solutions, employees can both input and edit their data. This saves employees the trouble of having to ask their manager mundane questions and other HR tasks that can quickly be brought online to streamline communication and efficiency.

 Succession Planning

While succession planning may not be at the forefront during the Covid-19 pandemic, this HR software feature benefits employees by helping managers more easily recognise employee development and promotion possibilities. Succession planning can dramatically help to organise a company and ensure that the limelight stays in the future. Making sure that there is a plan to fill positions is a kind of insurance that will keep a company operating smoothly, even in times of unexpected turnover.

All in all, having an HR software and employee self-service option in place is merely becoming the norm nowadays with remote working on the rise. By meeting this expectation, you will help your company continue to compete for top talent while increasing satisfaction among existing employees, with the end goal to keep your business going throughout this pandemic, no matter what.