How to Track Employees’ Work Time Efficiently

By Ivan Petrov

What is Time Tracker?

Time tracker is a simple software to automatically capture employees’ attendance. There are several options for having your staff log their time. It includes using “Start/Stop” button or web-based interface. More complex solutions include mobile phone tracking, text alert clocking and land-line clocking. You can choose the option that works best for your business.

Using a time tracker simplifies the process of time and attendance. It is more comfortable for your staff and those in charge of payroll. Having to manually enter payroll data into a spreadsheet takes a significant amount of time. The time needed increases as your company grows. A time tracker automates all of these processes.

Time and attendance features of the time tracker are available for any of your scheduling or HR needs.

Which Time Tracker is Best for Your Company?

Do your employees have access to their own computers? Then either web-based or standalone time tracker software can be the most efficient solution for you. In an industrial setting, a clocking terminal may be of use. Clocking terminals include biometric, PIN entry, swipe cards, ID badges, and key fobs as methods of input. But it is not useful for offices.

In an office where employees work on computers, tracking time and attendance is something that should be handled by software. The days of manual record keeping are gone forever. It is just inefficient to have to enter any employee’s data by hand.

Greatest Benefits of an Automatic Time Tracker

Why should I consider using an attendance management software? From preventing payroll mistakes to stimulating productivity, a time tracker provides numerous benefits. Such systems are easy to install and will integrate with your existing solutions. In a matter of days, you’ll be able to accurately track employee’s time and attendance.

Some of the main benefits include:

    • Elimination of payroll errors;
    • Streamlining time off requests;
    • Increased productivity;
    • More efficient workforce.

One of the biggest benefits of a time tracker is the reduction in payroll errors. Payroll errors can be very expensive. If your HR department enters payroll by hand, it is safe to assume that there are at least occasional mistakes.

If your company expands and you take on more employees, such errors can become more of a burden. A time tracker that automatically logs attendance, eliminates the opportunity for error.

The time tracker can also streamline time off requests. Your employees will be able to view all their available time off. They may then make time off requests or suggest shift swaps in web interface. You can setup automated notifications for project managers. They may then either approve or deny any request. This makes the process of handling such requests much more fast.

These benefits all combine to build a more efficient staff. Once you implement the automatic time tracker, you can begin focusing on other ways to better productivity.

Take Advantage of the Time Tracker Right Now

An automatic time tracker will help you face the challenges of a growing business. When you begin recruiting more employees and expanding your company, you must first ensure you have good organization policies in office. The larger your business becomes, the harder it is to make policy changes.

Start by instituting a clearly defined attendance rules. Use a time tracker to help enforce your policies and streamline HR control. It will not take long for you to see the profits of using a software solution for tracking attendance. It promotes efficiency while preventing costly errors.

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