Survey shows 44% would change job to meet remote working needs

Remote working survey

by HRHQ Editorial Team

The 2023 annual National Remote Working Survey finds remote working opportunities strongly impact employment decision-making and revealed that 44% of workers would change job, even if it means taking a pay cut, if their remote working preferences are not facilitated.

Researchers from University of Galway and the Western Development Commission have revealed that 92% of respondents indicated that remote/hybrid working would be a key factor in their decision to change employer.

The survey gathered responses from almost 6,000 respondents in late September and early October on their experience of remote working.

In this year’s survey, 55% of respondents indicated that they would change job if their remote/hybrid working preferences are not facilitated even if it means less promotion opportunities.

The findings are from the first of three data collection waves of the 2023 annual National Remote Working Survey, led by Professor Alma McCarthy, Professor of Public Sector Management and Dean of J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics at University of Galway and Deirdre Frost, Policy Analyst at the Western Development Commission.

Professor Alma McCarthy said “Our previous annual surveys showed the growing appetite for remote or hybrid working and the 2023 survey provides evidence of this sustained trend. For those who can work remotely or hybrid for at least some of the time, being able to do so now plays a critical role in employer and job choice”.

Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys, TD, reinforced the Government’s commitment to remote work as a cornerstone of Our Rural Future saying: “Our investment in remote working infrastructure is paying dividends by helping to revitalise rural communities. The 2023 Annual Remote Work Survey conducted by University of Galway and the Western Development Commission highlights the continuing interest in remote working. Government policy and in particular the Connected Hubs initiative is supporting remote workers and employers, ensuring that we attract and retain talent and build a brighter future for our rural communities.”

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