Staff shortages predicted across the construction sector

Recent reports from the construction industry are predicting severe staff shortages across the construction sector, ranging from project managers to skilled labour and trades.

With the economy approaching full employment, the task of filling the current demand on the 100s of major building projects across the country and remaining competitive is going to prove problematic for many businesses.

The primary dilemma employers face in the construction sector is a shrinking pool of highly skilled workers and then retaining them. The market is increasingly competitive so a skilled labourer could have multiple employment offers to choose from. If a project is delayed staff are quick to relocate to the next project. “With this level of volatility, it poses a very real problem in terms of lost time, money and resources to the employer” comments Arron Sherlock, Managing Director, Sherlock Recruitment.

Labour demand in the construction sector is outstripping supply in a number of occupations. This is due to a number of factors including the impact of the downturn on the outflow of graduates and trainees from the education system, as well as emigration and career change.

Changes to employment permits system for workers from outside the European Economic Area which came into effect on January 1st, 2020 will address the immediate labour shortages in key sectors such as construction.