Social enterprise Grow Remote launches Ireland’s first Industry Standards Survey for Remote Work

remote worker

by HRHQ Editorial Team

Ireland’s first Industry Standards survey on remote work by social enterprise Grow Remote launched recently. The survey will capture critical data and insights on how companies are managing the transition to remote. As it currently stands, there is a huge gap in data illuminating how companies are managing remote working.

The survey aims to fill the aforementioned gap by shining a light on specifics often
glossed over regarding remote work. Aimed at HR leaders who are leading the
transition at most organisations, the survey looks at various different aspects of
remote work including working abroad, expenses/stipends, the right to request
remote work, and health/safety assessments.

The findings learned in the run up to Grow Remote’s 2023 Summit will be discussed
and analysed in two HR Roundtable discussions taking place June 8th and 9th in
Portlaoise with plans to publish and share in the form of conclusive Industry Standards for remote later this year.

The Grow Remote Industry Standards Survey is open to every remote and hybrid
workplace with talent in Ireland and can be accessed here.