Over 60,000 people have answered the HSE’s ‘Be on Call for Ireland’ drive .

There has been a huge response to the HSE’s ‘Be on Call for Ireland’ drive to recruit doctors, nurses, ambulance staff and other medical workers since its launch on St Patrick’s Day.

So many have registered online for the scheme that the Executive is struggling to keep up with the number of applications.


HSE National HR Director Anne Marie Hoey said the response “clearly highlights the support that the people of Ireland have for our health services”. “We want to thank all who have been in contact to assist our health services in answering the call in such numbers through the ‘Be on Call for Ireland’ initiative.” “The HSE are now analysing all the information from the registrations, and we ask for your continued patience. She added: “If you have registered, we may be in contact, please bear with us.”

The recruitment drive is focused on medical workers who are not already employed in a healthcare setting and are free to start immediately.

The HSE has already started interviewing nurses and doctors in this category and have urged others to keep their phone at hand so that they can answer the call.