Gender Pay Gap analysis reveals a mean gender pay of 12.6%

HRHQ I Gender Pay Gap

by HRHQ Editorial Team

Irish organisations which published gender pay gap reports in December 2022 have a mean gender pay gap of 12.6%. The analysis by PWC, of up to 500 companies who have reported gender pay gap details, discovered that the widest pay gaps are in the finance, banking, insurance, legal and construction sectors.

Doone O’Doherty, Partner, PwC Ireland People & Organisation. said “Although the exact reason for a gender pay gap varies by company and sector, a key factor appears to be the relatively high number of males in more senior (and so, more highly paid) roles.”

Companies that have more than 250 employees were obliged to report their gender pay gap by December 31st for the first time under new laws. An official national figure is not yet available, the last published data for 2019 found Ireland’s national gender pay gap was 11.3% while the EU average was 13% the following year.

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