​Health & Well-beingUsing Digital Technology to Support Employees’ Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Using Digital Technology to Support Employees’ Physical & Mental Wellbeing

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by Jane Mangan, Digital Marketing Executive at VIGO Health

‘With over two thirds of employees under 40 preferring to access doctors’ advice online¹, many employers are looking for digital health resources to support their employees’ wellbeing.’ – Ruth Bailey, CEO at VIGO Health.

Employees are increasingly looking to proactively manage their health and wellbeing. And the current generation of under 40 employees are more conscious about living healthy, positive, sustainable lives when compared to the previous generation.

However, research tells us they find the health system difficult to navigate. While younger employees are familiar with good nutrition, fitness – and self-improvement in general – they might not have a GP or know how to access mental health support. Accessing convenient healthcare and navigating the system can be a barrier that many of this generation put off and tend to rely on Dr Google instead.

Many employees in this segment who don’t benefit from a company-sponsored health insurance benefit have significant barriers to accessing timely and flexible health advice.

But there is a better way, utilising digital channels to deliver health advice quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many behavioural changes with regard to the usage of digital health services. Today, more people than ever are comfortable accessing their health advice remotely. According to research carried out by VIGO Health, over 2/3 of adults under 40 would see their doctor online rather than face to face.

This is driven by the increasing demand for fast access and convenience when seeking professional health advice. But it is also as a result of the increasing barriers to finding a GP in Ireland. Our population is growing, and we are all living longer, yet the number of GPs in Ireland is not growing to keep up with demand. Online consultations with GPs and Mental Health professionals are helping to alleviate the burden some employees are experiencing with trying to access health care.

Employers are becoming more conscious of their employee’s physical and mental wellbeing, with mental health issues reportedly impacting one in four people at some point in their lives – making physical and mental health a top priority for employers. However, full company health insurance can be out of reach financially for many businesses.

VIGO Health offer a low-cost alternative to full hospital insurance, allowing employers to provide digital health services to their employees at a fraction of the cost of hospital insurance. Digital health services such as 24-hour on-demand online GP where employees can be connected to an Irish-based doctor within minutes. Get everything from referral letters to prescriptions and sick notes, to 24-hour immediate messaging support from mental health professionals, online physio, chat with a nurse and lots more.

The role that technology can play to reduce some of the accessibility barriers to fast health advice is exciting. And the behaviour change that has evolved over the last few years has made digital health space one to watch into the future!

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¹ Research carried out among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults by Coyne research on behalf of VIGO Health, June 2022.

Jane Mangan
Jane Mangan
Digital Marketing Executive at VIGO Health