The Interview Series: Peter Cosgrove, Futurewise

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The Interview Series: Peter Cosgrove, Futurewise

Peter Cosgrove, MD of Futurewise, chats to Declan about the future of work – how it is more than hybrid working; exponential Vs linear growth; what your culture is when no one is “in the room” and the impact on that culture of people you have hired, who you have not met, hiring others you have not met; digital team charters and digital body language; AI; inclusion….

and more…..


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Peter is Managing Director of Futurewise and is an expert on future trends and a much sought-after speaker and adviser on the future of work. He has over 25 years business experience on executive teams as well as boards as board member and Chair. He is currently Chair of Aware, the leading mental health charity and Chair of Brain Tumour Ireland. He has been Chair of Junior Achievement Ireland, the National Recruitment Federation and currently serves on the 30% Club Steering Committee tackling gender balance.. Peter has served as a Board adviser for a number of Staffing organisations and has been a contributor to the Expert Group on Future Skills. Peter is based in Dublin, Ireland.