The Interview Series: Jessica Bourke, Natural Fertility Specialist

interview series details with jessica bourke the fertility coach pictured

Jessica Bourke, the Fertility Detective, chatted to us about how fertility issues can effect a wide number of employees (it’s more than you think); what companies can do to support their employees through best practice and policies; your legal obligations and human rights, and more……



Jessica Bourke- Natural Fertility Specialist, BcL, Dip Ac. C.Clinical Med. C.Shanghai, Dip.NT, mBANT, mTCMCI


e:  [email protected]

Insta: @thefertilitydetective

With over fifteen years of experience in the field of reproductive health, Jessica has gained a reputation for helping women to successfully conceive where everything else has failed.

Jessica provides a unique, individualised service that is founded on her in-depth knowledge of all aspects of male and female fertility. Based on the latest scientific research, she uses a combination of acupuncture and nutritional protocols alongside functional lab testing to ensure her clients have the greatest chance of conception and welcoming a healthy baby into the world.