Podcast: Gina Oglesby, Back To Work Connect

HRheadquarters - The Human Resources Podcast
HRheadquarters - The Human Resources Podcast
Podcast: Gina Oglesby, Back To Work Connect

Declan talks to Backoworkconnect.ie founder and CEO Gina Oglesby on the barriers to returning to the workforce after a prolonged break; what organisations can do to improve this and tap into this source of talent; and what they bring to the table….and much more…


About our guest

Gina is a social entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Back To Work Connect. She is a business professional with a demonstrated history of working across multiple industries including retail, construction and logistics. She is strategic and customer focused, results driven and continuously embrace the opportunity to lead business and innovate to create a better environment for all.

e: [email protected]



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