Ease the Employee Recruitment Process with a Mobile App

by Ciaran Stone, CEO & Project Coordinator of Squareroot Solution

Digital solutions continue to bring new approaches and benefits to businesses. Particularly mobile apps have become the vessels of the vast majority of transformative technologies that companies today are exposed to. Apps are already inseparable from workplace productivity measures. Apps are vital tools of employee collaboration, remote staff management and business analytics powering strategic decision making. 

Mobile apps are now also inseparable from critical Human Resource processes in modern companies. Mobile HR apps continue to add immense value to workforce management, recruitment, employee onboarding and training, productivity measures, attendance and employee benefits management, and other HR tasks and responsibilities. 

Below is a detailed look at how HR apps are revolutionising the recruitment process and creating value for all other HR processes.  

How Mobile Recruitment happens? 

Mobile recruitment is carried out by HR apps allowing job seekers to search and browse jobs, apply for jobs, give online interviews and give tests as required by the recruiters. These apps are well equipped with recruitment features that facilitate smooth application and resume processing, interactions and interview with recruiters and remote aptitude or skill tests. 

As an increasing number of job seekers rely on mobile apps for searching for jobs and applying for them, recruitment and HR apps continue to be popular. Companies and recruiters also prefer these apps to facilitate easy recruitment and selection process. 

Let’s have a quick look at some of the critical advantages of mobile recruitment apps. 

Time-saving job search and job application 

The ease of browsing and searching for a job right on the mobile device screen is the most critical factor behind the popularity of recruitment and HR apps in general. 

On the other hand, mobile devices with intelligent personalisation capabilities can always provide job results that fit the job seekers’ credentials, preferences, and abilities. This further adds to the convenience of finding the right job in a quick time. 

While searching for jobs and applying for the right ones, you need minimal effort with most forms filled with Auto-complete functions. Even applying for a job on the go becomes extremely more accessible thanks to mobile recruitment and HR apps. 

Getting access to capable candidates 

Mobile recruitment and HR apps are preferred by leading organisations because of the unparalleled exposure to bright and technologically equipped candidates. 

For any modern organisation, it is essential to hire candidates who are well versed with mobile conferencing, on-job mobile reporting and collaboration apps. A candidate going through the recruitment process of the HR apps can already be considered well versed with these tech skills. 

Great branding for the employer 

When an organisation uses hi-tech means for different organisational tasks and responsibilities, such moves only add to the brand value and make the company look more equipped and well organised. Similarly, any employer that uses a fully equipped HR app for talent acquisition and all other HR processes already enjoys a competitive edge over other employers in the market. 

On the other hand, simply adhering to the latest tech standards means you showcase your care and responsibility to make the experience of job candidates and prospective talents better. Such frictionless, smooth and easy job application and recruitment process ensure attracting more well-deserved talents for job positions. 

Lastly, with a popular mobile recruitment app, your company continues to get job applications from deserving candidates all around the year, and you always have better access to resources for every job position than your competitors. 

Smooth delivery of HR services 

Managing the internal HR processes involves many repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as attendance and timing, payroll management, leave management, cost and expense management, incentives and bonus payout management and many others. 

A HR app can easily handle such a complex set of tasks and responsibilities by utilising appropriate roles and automation of repetitive tasks needing no manual intervention.  

Employee onboarding and training 

For employee onboarding and remote training, mobile apps can play an influential role. Thanks to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), apps can incorporate immersive job training experiences for the users and develop their skills through AR-based modules providing an experience very similar to hands-on training in the real world. 

In specific industries, where apprentices need to sharpen their skills through on-job repair and maintenance tasks, remote collaboration through mobile apps can help them learn faster and provide better service to customers. 

HR analytics

The HR teams also work under severe pressure and need to prove that the hired talents are effective in their job roles. The employee retention rate is higher, and there are continuous value additions in terms of finding exceptional skills. To keep a check on all these parameters, HR teams need the help of analytics, and this is where a comprehensive HR app can be helpful. 

A HR app having complete exposure to all employee data and different performance indicators can easily furnish valuable insights about employee performance and improve them. 

Employee collaboration 

A HR app also serves as a tool to amplify and voice employee and management concerns from time to time. These concerns and issues expressed within the organisation often find it challenging to become audible enough. 

Thanks to a dedicated HR app, such obstacles can be done away with. With a HR app in place, employees can engage with the management and respective authorities in real-time, and they can find their issues addressed quicker than usual. 


Since today’s workforce continues to be mobile and tech equipped, the Human Resource process of any company cannot afford to function, shunning their eyes from this digital reality offered by HR apps. In the years to come, HR and recruitment apps will be a standard part of any company’s core processes.

About the author
Ciaran Stone is CEO & Project Coordinator of Squareroot Solution, an app creation company that helps startups, SMBs, enterprise and entrepreneurs in building robust mobile applications. As Project Coordinator of Squareroot Solution, he is responsible for delivering a mobile solution to business through understanding their demand, wants and business needs. Apart from his professional life, he likes to create meaningful, informative and helpful resources on different aspects of software development.