Cost Efficient Approaches to Improve Employer Brand in Recruitment

Cost Efficient Approaches to Improve Employer Brand in Recruitment

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by Dean Callaghan, C. Psychol., Ps.S.I, Managing Director at Aon’s Human Capital Solutions

Economic volatility, geopolitical tensions and a host of other challenges are driving business performance down, while talent pressures remain sky high. Continued uncertainty caused by inflation, an anticipated recession and still-strong labour markets mean that budgets are constrained, and cost optimisation is key. A strong employer brand can help you attract top talent in a competitive market and can be achieved without a big investment. Here’s how you can portray your employer brand and differentiate your company from competitors.

  1. Align Screening Procedures with Your Mission, Vision, and Values

What you assess candidates for and how you incorporate assessments into your hiring process says a lot about your company culture.

Assess for Organisational Fit

Incorporate assessments that measure a candidate’s personality traits, motivating factors and values to determine their fit with your mission, vision, and values. What you assess candidates for when identifying organisational fit gives candidates a glimpse into your company culture and work environment.

Communicate Company Priorities

Assess candidates for both job fit and organisational fit, but focus special attention on values alignment. Your values should direct behaviours and provide guidance when employees are making tough decisions. You need to hire candidates whose values align with the company’s. True values alignment means that candidates already act in accordance with your values.

Present a Consistent Brand

Your mission and vision are crucial because they convey a sense of purpose that’s integral to engaging employees. Strong branding presents a unified, consistent message around your company’s purpose and values throughout the recruitment process. Customise your messaging and use visual media to keep these elements of your brand front and centre.

  1. Demonstrate Your Commitment to Diversity

Greater diversity, inclusivity and equity define a fairer culture. A diverse workforce brings in new perspectives and it celebrates and recognises the value of difference. The experience that candidates have during the recruitment process speaks powerfully about your employer brand, so be intentional when curating that experience.

Optimise your DE&I programs

Your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs are an important factor in your ability to attract and retain top talent. Candidates from historically excluded communities need to see people like themselves thriving at your company. Ensure your recruitment marketing, careers site and screening tools embody this diversity.

Create equity in your talent Assessment

Make use of online assessments proven to have no adverse impact on underrepresented groups and monitor adverse impact at regular intervals throughout your hiring process.

Reach Candidates Where They Are

Provide equal access to opportunities with device-independent talent assessments and support neurodiversity by enabling candidates to complete tests virtually and where they are most comfortable.

  1. Demonstrate a Commitment to Innovation

The assessment tools you incorporate into your hiring process will support your employer branding strategy. Every piece of your process says something about who you are as an employer and investing in the latest technology says that you’re committed to continually improving.

Investing in Online Assessments also enable organisations with a more efficient and cost-effective employee selection process. Lowering your cost, saving time, and reducing the administrative burden while efficiently selecting candidates for opportunities.

Here are some efficient online assessment tools and what they tell candidates about your employer brand:

Virtual Assessment Centres

Virtual assessment centres allow you to deliver any type of customised assessment directly to the candidate without them needing to travel to a physical assessment location.

Gamified and Game-Based Assessments

Gamified and game-based assessments are more engaging forms of assessment that either feature gaming elements (such as collecting points and unlocking badges) or are delivered in gaming formats. These assessments are much more engaging and enjoyable for candidates and provide them with immediate feedback on their progress.

Video Interview Software

Platforms and experiences, like video interviews, cements your reputation as a people-focused and technology-driven brand. Asynchronous video interview software gives candidates more control over when and where they respond to interview questions.

Doing this signals your commitment to an equitable hiring decision, along with backing up your stated commitment to diversity and inclusion and delivering a better experience for all candidates.

Pull It All Together with Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

Strong employer branding is an important part of your talent acquisition strategy. You can’t afford to let your brand evolve on its own: You need to take control of your image as an employer to attract and retain top talent in a competitive marketplace.

Aon | Assessment Solutions

Aon’s assessment solutions provide clients with powerful tools and insights to help them make better talent decisions at every stage of the employee lifecycle. This includes pre-hire assessments, identifying future leaders, screening for digital skills and agility, and AI-enabled solutions. To learn more contact Aon’s Human Capital Solutions Managing Director Dean Callaghan at [email protected]

Dean Callaghan,
Dean Callaghan,
Managing Director at Aon's Human Capital Solutions