Annual Leave for Part-Time Workers

Calculating Annual Leave

Your annual leave entitlement can be calculated using one of these 3 options:

  • If you have worked at least 1,365 hours in a leave year you are entitled to the maximum of 4 working weeks’ paid annual leave unless you changed employment mid-year.
  • 1/3 of your working week for each calendar month in which you have worked at least 117 hours
  • or, 8% of the hours you have worked in the leave year, subject to a maximum of 4 working weeks.

As a part-time worker option 3 is the most widely used method.

Public Holidays

In addition to annual leave, employees are entitled to the 9 public holidays in Ireland which include:

  • New Year’s Day (1 January)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (17 March)
  • Easter Monday
  • May Bank Holiday
  • June Bank Holiday
  • August Bank Holiday
  • Last Monday in October
  • Christmas Day (25 December)
  • St. Stephen’s Day (26 December)

Good Friday is not a public holiday. While some schools and businesses close on that day, you have no automatic entitlement to time off work on that day.

As a part-time worker, you are only entitled to these public holidays if you have worked for your employer at least 40 hours in the 5 weeks before the public holiday.

  • Where the public holiday falls on a day you normally work you are entitled to a day’s pay for the public holiday. If you are required to work that day you are entitled to an additional day’s pay.
  • If you do not normally work on that particular day you should receive one-fifth of your weekly pay. Even if you are never rostered to work on a public holiday you are entitled to one-fifth of your weekly pay as compensation for the public holiday.

If you are still unsure of what your annual leave entitlement is WPR have created this explanatory guide