Networking Slump

By Chi Chi Okezie

Even savvy networkers can experience a decline or slow down in networking activity. There are many reasons for unpredictable situations such as the time of the year, holidays, changes in the industry / economic climate, etc. But regardless of the circumstance, you can bounce back and gain traction in your networking endeavors.

Listed below are tips for navigating uncertain conditions to make the most of your business and social strategies endeavors.

Plan Ahead

Take time to create a networking playbook. Mark times which are considered busy and potentially slow. Planning ahead allows you to forecast and better predict your outcomes. For example, Summertime, the holidays or a new (fiscal) year can slow down networking or business progress. Find ways to be productive and efficient to avoid becoming idle or complacent.

Stay Active

Keep your networking frequency up to par. Be focused on staying consistent by attending monthly events, having weekly lunches or coffees, scheduling calls or sending out emails. Making it a point to stay connected and being available adds value while fostering trust for growing quality relationships. It shows that you are serious and intentional in your agenda.

Track Progress

Although it is important to plan ahead also make sure that you are evaluating your processes. Observe best methods, common trends and successful ways of networking and staying effective. Monitor results and seek out ways to improve your systems. Also, reach out to your existing networks for support and additional advice.

Use these simple and practical tips to overcome common networking obstacles. Be mindful of ways to avoid inactivity and unwanted circumstances to achieve your goals.

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