Networking Refocus

By Chi Chi Okezie


As we enter a new year and a new decade, it is imperative to have goals, objectives and a mission for success. It is also important to include networking goals into your agenda. Your mission can dramatically change with many internal and external factors. A change in your job, relocation to a new city, or adjustments in your career can alter your networking perspective. If this is the case, then refocusing can be the key to setting and accomplishing your endeavors.

Listed below are helpful tips for staying on course and maximizing all of your efforts.

Take Inventory

Align your goals with your current situation or circumstance. Revisiting your plan and making sure that it flows with your role or mission is very strategic. Create a sub plan of smaller steps, methods and procedures which can help you with your overall agenda. Checking in periodically with your written objectives keeps you on track and intentional in your activities

Course of Action

Make sure that in your plan, you are also paying attention to producing tangible results. Draft several calls to action to ensure that your networking is not in vain. Preparing a weekly, monthly or quarterly checklist keeps you updated. It also allows you to make quick, flexible and necessary adjustments, where needed. Also, consider having an accountability partner or coach to assist you along the way.

Follow Through

A plan is no good if it is not properly executed. Be strategic and consistent in your endeavors and complete your tasks. Once you have reached your networking goals, create new ones. Raise the bar and push forward in your mission. Elevate your mindset, expand your reach and think outside the box.

Use these tips to elevate your networking aim. Be observant, constant and mindful of the steps which can lead to your success.




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