How to Make Things Happen?

By Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales  

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Making things happen begins with an end of mind. Your positivity drives you towards achieving your goals. You know the difference between a successful and not successful person either in career or business? Successful people do all they can today to ensure a prosperous tomorrow.

Common misconception that people have:

1. Being Overly Concerned of What Other People Might Say. In reality, never allow other people to define your purpose. You’re the architect of your own life. In essence, you need to be clear with your goals and how you employ ways to achieve them. Many are afraid of assuming responsibility for shaping their destiny. This is one of the reasons why not everyone achieves success at the highest levels. They let other people define them.

2.Change Resistant. Many people refuse to embrace change and have poor work habits. They do not have the drive to create healthier and more productive life. Be willing to be in a constant state of change as the unexpected unfolds in business. Change isn’t easy, but to be effective, embrace it.

3. Blaming Other People for their Failures. Don’t entertain blame or play the victim. Taking responsibility for the consequence of your action allow you to become successful and avoid future regret. Trust that whatever was lost will be replaced by something better. To be highly successful, you need to view disappointments as an opportunity to refine yourself.

4. Doing Best to Please. Pursue success not the need to impress. You need to communicate sensitively, directly and intelligently so that others can hear you. Learn to listen intently so you can respond intelligently. You will learn more by listening than speaking. Don’t waste your energy trying to satisfy other people’s perceptions.

5. Negativity is infectious. A negative attitude has the power to reverberate throughout your career like an infection. Never tolerate negative attitudes. Always keep a positive mindset.

6. The Fear of Failure. You will never succeed in life if you don’t want to fail. Failure is your stairway to success. What’s important is that you learn from your mistakes. So, to improve on your ability to make things happen, you need to understand why some people are more productive than others.

7. Procrastination. Trying to put a project or task off because you are afraid that you might fail along the way when you are about to embark on a new task or project and have no idea what the outcome is going to be.

In fact, most people feel desperate and give up before time’s up. You can make miracles if you put your mind to it. Remember, what the mind of man can conceive and believe can be achieved through positive mental attitude.

Your life is what you make it. So, don’t expect others to build your career for you. Otherwise someone will take over and take you under. There’s no room for complacency or remaining stuck too long.

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