Why spreadsheets are reducing the quality of your recruitment

by Beth McClements, Marketing Executive for Webrecruit Ireland.

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your recruitment? Recruitment technology is on the rise, and its recent developments have allowed HR professionals to leave behind paper-based methods and invest in recruitment software.

Interpreting your findings and identifying cost savings are two fundamental aspects of recruitment and while spreadsheets often provide teams with a place to track data manually, it is often a time consuming task and one that can’t be assumed as 100% accurate.

Here are 4 reasons why using specific and tested recruitment software, such as an applicant tracking system, is more beneficial than the traditional spreadsheet.

1. Organise your data with ease

The initial installation of an ATS allows you to group candidates into a range of categories through skill sets, sectors or location for example. This in turn allows you to sift through your talent if and when required. “Talent Pooling” is one of the best ways to reduce recruitment costs as it lowers the requirement to advertise each and every position.

2. All of your data is in one place
With an ATS, more than one person can log in and gain access to your recruitment information. This reduces the need to save all updates manually and distribute accordingly. You can see it as a portal that allows multiple users to partake in the recruitment processes.

3. Identify bottlenecks
Is something (or someone) holding up your vacancy requisition process? Recruitment software such as an ATS has the ability to generate automated reports that can identify what is holding up your process. Have you ever seen an Excel sheet do this?

4. Don’t just record data – analyse it
An ATS has the ability to create bespoke reports that suit your specific recruitment goals and hiring needs. You can therefore use these reports as analysis and to find out information that isn’t easily distinguishable in a standard spreadsheet.

If you are hoping to wave goodbye to time consuming and lengthy formulas, Webrecruit Ireland strongly advises that you consider recruitment software for your business. The recruitment industry is changing, so why not embrace new technology and improve your future recruitment processes.

When considering any ATS on the market your two key questions on its effectiveness will be:
1. Will this reduce my recruitment costs?
2. Will this system save me time when managing the recruitment process?

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