Survey reveals almost 50% Irish office workers believe the pandemic has improved job opportunities

Woman wearing face mask on way to work

Auxilion, a leading provider of digitally transformative IT services and solutions, recently announced the results of a survey which was conducted by Censuswide and involved around 1,000 office workers in Ireland. Results revealed that almost half (48%) of Irish office workers believe the pandemic has improved job opportunities, while 22% have started and finished a job during the pandemic

32% said they left their last job because a better opportunity arose, while 29% said their salary was insufficient and 28% wanted a change.

The top reason respondents left their last job was because a better opportunity arose (32%). The other main drivers were cited as insufficient salary (29%), wanting a change (28%) and poor management (26%).

When it comes to retention, the research found that 27% of respondents disagree their organisation is good at retaining staff. Despite this, some 67% said they are satisfied in their current job and 65% feel motivated in their current job. Furthermore, 61% of workers see themselves working for their current company long-term.

Niamh Cray, Head of People and Talent at Auxilion, said: “It’s clear from the research that it’s an employee’s world right now. The expectations of workers are high and have changed dramatically because of the pandemic. The job landscape has also completely opened up and is even more fluid than before.

For people, this presents a wealth of opportunities and overcomes many barriers that existed before, with many workers able (and eager) to work effectively from wherever they are. On the other hand, it presents a challenge for many businesses.” 

If companies want to retain staff, they will have to move with the times. That means enabling staff with technologies and tools that allow them to be productive and collaborate. It also means taking a hybrid approach and understanding that the modern worker wants to be both appreciated and empowered.