Lidl Ireland set to offer all employees paid time off for fertility support

pregnant woman with young child

Lidl Ireland is set to become one of the first major retailers across the island of Ireland to update its paid leave policy and fertility support programme to reflect the inclusion of two days at full pay, per cycle, for employees undergoing egg freezing and IVF.

The new policy extends to all of the retailer’s 6,000 employees across its stores, regional distribution centres and offices across the island of Ireland. Unlike standard policies in place nationally, Lidl’s new policy will have no limit to the number of IVF cycles employees can avail of this policy for, and it will be offered to all employees regardless of length of service.


The Government has plans to fund the provision of IVF for parents experiencing fertility problems but this is unlikely to happen until next year, as legislation regulating fertility clinics and domestic surrogacy must first pass through the Oireachtas.

J.P. Scally, CEO, Lidl Ireland & Northern Ireland commented: “We’re proud to continue to introduce important policy updates that recognise the needs of our employees are evolving all the time as they progress through different stages of their lives. As a leading employer in the country, we know that our people do their best work when they are valued and supported in a workplace that is inclusive, so it’s critical for us to take into account that not every family’s path to parenthood is the same. Our new fertility paid leave support is available to all Lidl employees, at all levels, and one that we know will differentiate us and ensure we remain an employer of choice and one that is key to fostering a positive environment for working parents.”