Increase in basic pay planned by 80% of companies in 2019

The Ibec HR Update 2018 survey found that 80% of companies plan to increase basic pay in 2019, with a projected median pay increase of 2.5%, similar to the findings of last year’s survey. Three out of four said that their total pay bill would increase next year.

Ibec’s HR Update Survey 2018, now in its 10th year, highlights key employment trends and insights into the changing Irish labour market. The survey had 339 respondent companies, reflecting the views of senior HR leaders across Ireland.

Overview of the Ibec HR Update Survey:
· 80% of employers expect to increase basic pay in 2019, with 20% keeping level the same
· Projected median pay increase of 2.5%
· Pay increases by sector – 91% of high tech, 85% other manufacturing, 79% distribution
· Pay increases by company size – 93% of 500 plus workers, 70% of less than 50 employees
· Total pay bill in 2019 – 74% to rise, 25% to remain the same, 1% to reduce
· 47% of companies to increase employee numbers, 48% to remain the same, 5% to decrease
· Top 6 investment areas in skills – leadership (75%), IT training (55%), communications (42%), team working (37%), project management (36%) and conflict / networking (35%)

See the full survey at HR Update Survey 2018

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