First ‘trade union week’ announced for Ireland

Union member worker

by HRHQ Editorial Team

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) has announced Ireland’s first Trade Union Week, which will take place between 29th April and 6th May 2024. ICTU said the week of coordinated events in workplaces and local communities across the island of Ireland will be “the largest mobilisation of trade union members in decades”, with an open invitation extended to all workers to take part.

The week will mark the culmination of ICTU’s ‘Better in a Trade Union’ campaign which was launched this month to promote the values and benefits of trade union membership.

Speaking at the launch, ICTU General Secretary Owen Reidy said union members benefit from higher wages than non-unionised workers, and there is a growing awareness among young workers, in particular, of the benefits of trade unions.

“We know that everyone is better in a trade union, and there’s a cohort of younger workers, in particular, who recognise the need to have someone in their corner, fighting for employment protections, better pay and working conditions,” Mr Reidy said.