Online Learning Techniques

person taking part in online group call on laptop

by Mike Mirshams

If you look at the basic definition of training, it is simply a procedure that involves the alteration of behavior. Regardless of the delivery method used, it is the outcome of the delivery method that is important. Many would agree that classroom education is still the most popular form of imparting education and is considered the most effective. However, the trends are changing, and online training is also picking up at a rapid pace. This is a change that is both essential and inevitable. Online courses have been identified as the best methods of learning computer software because you can practice while you learn, and you can go back and repeat until you know all the tricks. Here are a few points that can be implemented for maximizing the efficacy of learning for online computer courses:

Use Material that Captures the Attention

There is a high degree of probability that the student may get bored of the study material and may not wish to take out the time to study. In order to ensure that the student is engaged in this learning method, the matter must be made engaging and entertaining. One of the best ways to do this is to add videos and graphics to the material. It is sometimes too difficult to read through text, images or charts, and videos offer a simpler and better way of understanding the concept.

Make Use of the Branching Technique

The method of branching is a simple methodology that simplifies complex situations and there are several ways of using it. The most common use of this technique is in quizzes where the student is supposed to take a number of questions. If the student answers any of the questions incorrectly, the student is directed back to the concerned module of the study material.

Mix Practical Experiences and Activities

The inclusion of all the theoretical concepts can make the study material boring. The student will not be able to get involved in the concept and read it with full attention if you are unable to explain why and how the illustrated concepts are relevant to real life and can be brought to practical experience. This is particularly true for computer courses where why the software was made is not as important as how the software can be used.

Keep Navigation and Progress Tracking Simple

It is impossible to generate the interest of the student in a study material if the navigation of the study material is poor and difficult to understand. Also how can you expect the user to learn when he or she is not able to track his/her progress so far. Therefore, easy navigation and progress tracking play crucial roles in determining the efficacy of a particular online course.

The methods described in the article must be enough to engage the student and keep the student’s interest alive in the study material. It is crucial to understand that there is no face-to-face interaction between the student and fellow students or faculty. Therefore, the chances of getting bored and losing interest are rather high. The secret to effective learning in the online training method is to ensure that the student’s interest in the subject remains alive.

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