5 Reasons Why Now Is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Workforce Management Technology

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Covid-19 has sparked the biggest and fastest transformation of the workplace and will forever change how many organisations operate.  Automation, digitalisation and innovation to fit with this new world is happening at a pace that we have never seen before. It is clear that there is no point waiting for things to return to the way they were. Businesses now need to plan for the future and re-evaluate their systems and processes. Here are five reasons why, we think, you should be carrying out this re-evaluation right now and upgrading your Workforce Management Technology.

1. Health & Safety

Workforce Management Technology gives you the ability to better manage the health and safety of your employees. You have the tools to ensure optimal shift patterns and rotations that consider health and safety requirements, procedures and regulations. Your system can tell you things like – who is working where and when? Who in their teams they have been in contact with? If they have been self-isolating – when will it be safe for them to return to work? Do they need a return-to-work interview? At the touch of a button, you have all the information you need to need to answer these and multiple other questions.

2. Workforce Planning & Optimisation

Workforce management planning and decisions require accurate real-time information. It is extremely difficult to manage your workforce effectively without having detailed information on employee time, attendance, absences, activities, skills and scheduling. This pandemic has led to an extreme disruption around workforce management planning and optimisation. Employers now need to find ways to ensure that their workforce is optimised under different conditions and a good system can automate many of these processes for you.

3. Managing New Ways of Working

Even before Covid-19, employers were realising the benefits of introducing flexible and remote working options. Benefits including; increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and attracting and retaining talent. A good system will give you a fully automated way to record hours worked, maintain flexi balances and manage planned/unplanned absences. Employees can log attendance on a PC, tablet or mobile either by time or by honour-based email timesheets. No need for spreadsheets and no manual processes – saving time, eliminating errors and reducing administration.

4. Giving employees Control

The most successful organisations today are the ones that are putting their employees in control. They view them as their internal customers and are dedicated to serving their needs as well as the needs of the business. By doing this, they foster a culture of empowered, engaged and motivated staff who are more satisfied, productive and loyal. With the use of self-service solutions, employees can easily organise and manage their own time, attendance, schedules, annual leave, absences and personal details. This in turn reduces queries, calls and emails to line managers, HR and Payroll Departments.

5. Planning for the Future.

As organisations move to a post Covid-19 world, it’s expected that new business priorities will lead to the reshaping of teams and upgrading of workforce procedures and policies that will take into account the new ways of working. In order to do this, you will require reliable workforce data to determine budgets and costs. Having a proper handle on workforce costs and productivity will be critical to the success of your organisation.


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