11 Non-Tech Tips to Help Ensure Payroll Security

by Anne Reily, Founder and CEO of PaycheckPlus


Payroll employees shouldn’t be the weak link in payroll security and confidentiality. In a previous article we mentioned that many IT security firms identify “people” as the main security threat to business IT networks (read it here). To help ensure that employees are not the weak link in payroll security and confidentiality of business payroll systems we put together this list with non-tech security tips for payroll staff.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and while many businesses spend a small fortune on their IT systems and their security, a network can easily be compromised without employee vigilance.

The following are non-technical measures for staff members that can help ensure payroll data security and confidentially, and while this isn’t a fully comprehensive list of measures it’s a good starting point to help a business implement employee payroll processing security improvements.

  • Be sure to log off of the payroll system before moving away from your computer
  • Don’t give anyone else your login details
  • Use complex passwords
  • Ensure your computer screen cannot be seen by unauthorised people when working on payroll
  • Only store payroll data in your business’ designated space
  • You should only access your payroll system from your business’ network. Beware of phishing and hacking when accessing elsewhere.
  • Only use the data as it was intended
  • Don’t discuss payroll details with or within the hearing distance of unauthorised people
  • Only give payroll data to authorised personnel
  • If you are outsourcing to a payroll provider ensure that the appropriate legal documents, such as a non-disclosure agreement, are signed and ensure that communication is secure (e.g. sensitive data in emails should be encrypted)
  • Limit access levels in the payroll system and stick to the access level that you should have (e.g. if you are only processing tax forms you shouldn’t have access to, and should stay away from, wages and deductions)

There are many other measures that can help ensure payroll data security and confidentiality but a crucial non-tech measure for payroll staff is to Always Be Vigilant – don’t be the weak link in your payroll system.