The Recruitment Journey

by Ian Meagan, Principal Consultant, Human Resources at Executive Connections    

The CFO that you report into has just resigned, panic stations erupt, it has made you redefine your current career.

Does this scenario seem familiar?

For both Clients, Human Resource professionals and Candidates, the recruitment process can be a very daunting prospect. Your recruitment partner becomes a vital support during the process providing both business and personal intelligence.

From a candidate perspective it is very important from the outset that you define what your vision for the process shall be. Treat the process from the outset as a project, set timelines and goals. Define what your unique brand and value proposition looks like.

Review how you envisage the process in terms of recruitment support – partner with an exclusive recruiter who understands your vision and can provide the support and client development you require.
It is imperative that on commencement of your recruitment journey that you dedicate time to this fundamental change in your career.

By following the steps, you will empower yourself and provide your recruitment partner with a blueprint to build the most effective career opportunity available to you.

Timeline the journey

Set realistic goals and targets: You must consider your notice period, realistic length of time for interview processes, offer stage and acceptance.

  • The process will take longer than you think – your recruitment partner will guide you on the timeline their client would like to work on.
  • Understand the hiring process Human Resources will follow
  • Ensure your CV reflects you, your brand, your journey
  • Are there clients you would like to work for –  engage your recruitment partner to explore further.
  • Relevant experience (e.g., obtaining a transfer to the HR department from administration department) etc.,making a career move like changing jobs and fields.
  • Review emerging trends in your industry, work concepts – is your skill set up to date with these – if not what is your future plan?

Plan the journey

Is your focus short term or long term? Would you look at contract positions or is your focus only on one option. Flexibility in this decision can open greater opportunities for you.

At this stage you should be developing your skills profile to reflect one or both options – highlight your core values/deliverables/results.

  • Ensure your social media represents you and your career brand
  • Remove any negative barriers and unnecessary blocks that will impact your plan.
  • What are the core requirements of the role – How will Human Resources measure the interview process.
    You should review this are as a matter of urgency.
  • Ensure your realistic in terms of where your next move can be, in terms of role/organisation – your recruitment partner can only achieve realistic results.

Sharing your journey – Recruitment Partner/ Human Resources Department

Provide your blueprint to your recruitment partner – allow them to understand/interpret and advise on the effectiveness of the information provided.

This should be a collaborative experience – remember, your recruitment partner will represent you in your marketplace.

The more accurate detail provided, the more effective information your recruiter can provide to their clients Human Resources Department.

Arrive at destination

The final part of your journey will require an honest expectation of your recruitment partner and the clients Human Resources Department in which you commence a recruitment process with.

It is imperative at this stage to share all information/feelings/concerns. As we discussed earlier, your recruitment partner represents you in the marketplace, therefore all information is essential.

Enjoy the journey, if you plan and execute the process correctly, you will arrive at your new career destination.
Your recruitment partner will above everything, want to ensure the very best outcome for you – it is their journey plan too.

About the author
Ian Meagan is a high performing Human Resources consultant with over 10 year’s experience running his own business. He joined Executive Connections to grow out the HR division by assisting companies of all sizes and across all sectors with their HR recruitment requirements. Ian specialises in recruiting HR professionals at management level through to executive roles, also focusing on the following areas recruitment coordination: training/learning & development and employee engagement/compensation & benefits.
The Human Resources division has expansive and focused market knowledge, while providing a dedicated support and delivery structure from experienced HR professionals.

Executive Connections is a niche recruitment consultancy which is agile, creative and disciplined. They are constantly innovating and renovating their suite of services and range of customers. They provide a knowledgeable workforce who adopt a culture of efficiency and resilience who are internally aligned to predicted growth.

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