RecruitmentNow is the Time to Review your Early Careers offering

Now is the Time to Review your Early Careers offering

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by Dean Callaghan, C. Psychol., Ps.S.I, Managing Director at Aon’s Human Capital Solutions

If you haven’t already, now is the time to review your Early Career programmes. Understanding how well you are doing in relation to early careers offers is critical when building the workforce of the future.

An Early Careers audit enables you to compare your offering with other companies in relation to:

Early Career Audit

Benchmarking your success and approach, will help you attract, hire and develop early careers talent. If you don’t evaluate and compare yourself, you run the risk of missing out on the best available talent. 

What to do?

Phase 1: Discovery

By using data from internal and external sources, you can create a truly holistic understanding of where you are now and where you can go in the future.

Phase 2: Report and Recommendations

Report and presentation with specific recommendations for enhancing the current programmes and making sure they are in line with the organisation’s goals.

Phase 3: Revamp, design and deliver

Auditing your Early Careers programmes is critical and enables you to empower improvements through expert insights and data that will lead to improved business outcomes.

Aon Case Study: Audit in Practice

Recently, Aon partnered up with a national construction firm to review their early careers programme. It was difficult for the firm to match new graduates with specific career paths within the business. Due to the lack of understanding of best practices and what market leaders were doing, they were experiencing poor engagement within the business for their early career programmes.

An internal analysis of the firms’ resources was conducted by Aon, including:

  • job descriptions
  • brochures
  • application processes
  • assessment approaches
  • recruiter capabilities
  • programme structure
  • learning and development opportunities
  • management
  • communication styles
  • overall colleague experience
  • diversity stats to track progress and milestones

In addition to reviewing internal practices, Aon externally analysed top graduate employer best practices and used market surveys and benchmarking against established graduate and leadership programmes. The analysis looked at the end-to-end offering holistically, focusing on key challenges and pain points. An in-depth benchmarking report and recommendations were produced to support the success of the firms’ early careers programme.

Pre- and Post-Hire Themes

To find out how Aon can help you revaluate and audit your early career programmes aligning them to your organisation’s goals, contact [email protected]

Dean Callaghan,
Dean Callaghan,
Managing Director at Aon's Human Capital Solutions