Are You Missing Out On This Hidden Talent Pool?

by Laura Belyea, COO at KonnectAgain

One of the biggest concerns for organisations next year is finding talent. With low unemployment combined with a growing economy, finding talent is getting harder and harder. A growing number of organisations are rethinking their recruitment methods and strategies as traditional methods are becoming less effective.

A talent pool that is often overlooked are parents that have decided to take a “career break” to stay-at-home with their children. These parents are skilled, experienced and highly motivated when they decide to re-enter the workforce. It’s so important for organisations to either keep this connection with their former employees who are taking a career break or to tap into this talent pool when hiring.
Here are 3 Tips To Tap into the “Stay At Home Parent” Talent Pool

1. Be Flexible
Stay-at-home parents are looking for balance, so having a flexible work environment is key! Often employers think offering perks and work activities engages employees, but the research is out there that flexibility trumps it all. To ensure you are attracting and engaging those parents re-entering the workforce, arrangements that allow for flexible hours, work location and part time will be necessary. The reality is that nowadays, it’s not only stay at home parents that want flexibility!
2. Traditional Recruitment Methods Won’t Work
If you want to target stay at home parents, often the traditional recruiting methods won’t work. Using social networking tools, advertising in websites & publications aimed at parents, employee referrals and organisations or a recruitment agency that specialises in parents looking to re-enter the workforce.  If you are targetting former employees who left for a career break, make sure you keep in contact.  
3. Stay In Touch When Parents Leave for A Career Break
It can be especially daunting when the time comes for stay-at-home parents to return to the workforce if they have been unconnected. They might have lost contact with close colleagues, had a supervisor transition to a new role or might have been left out of the loop for the hot topic news of change from the company. That is why it is vital to have a plan in place before parents take a leave from your company. It does not just apply to parents but anyone in the organisation that is leaving. It is very important for these parents to feel connected when on leave. This will ensure that when they are ready to re-enter the workforce, you have stayed in touch and left the door open for them to return.

About the author
Laura’s role is to successfully support the start up growth and strategy for KonnectAgain, as well as provide product support with her expertise within the HR industry. Previously posts were director of HR & operations in Telefonica, Elizabeth Arden and ICON