GDPR – A Communication Challenge

by Conor McHugh,Recruitment Consultant with the IT Team, Sigmar Recruitment

Over the last 9-12 months, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been the acronym on everyone’s minds. The new legislation which comes into effect in May 2018 has caused a stir in the business world with serious potential repercussions hanging over people’s heads.
As can often be the case with new legislation, an element of fear currently rules the land. This is certainly understandable as €20,000,000 or 4% of your global annual turnover is a seismic fine and one which can truly damage your business both financially and reputationally. This is where having the right people and the right structures in place will be critical.
Staffing and recruiting will play a crucial role in GDPR as the need for Data Protection Officers and Privacy & Data Specialists come in huge demand. Where GDPR has instilled fear in people and businesses alike, it will be crucial for those tasked with understanding the new regulations to communicate the right information to their colleagues. Information is key and making sure that all employees in a business understand their role in the company and how they potentially affect GDPR legislation is imperative. All steps to Information Security will have to be adhered to and achieving a buy-in from your staff will be critical in keeping any sensitive information air tight.

The key thing to take from this new legislation is that this is a standard your business must keep permanently. There is no step by step process which means you are compliant with GDPR regulation and your work is now done. This is a day in, day out security level which all businesses must meet 24/7.
This means that DPO’s and members of the data protection team will be tasked with creating clear and efficient structures for a business to run efficiently while remaining compliant with GDPR. The collaboration with the InfoSec team will be essential in order to be up to date with any potential threats or worst case scenario, to report a breach.
Hiring the right people in any position is a huge responsibility but in the case of GDPR specific roles, the right staff can be half the battle. Ensuring that information is presented to a business calmly and clearly and that a simple and effective roadmap is in place will allow a business to meet their new legislative requirements. While the punishments in place for failure to comply with this legislation can stir up fear and paranoia, companies who invest in the right people and get organised early in the game will find themselves in very good stead to being GDPR ready.

About the author
Conor is a recruitment consultant in Sigmar’s IT team where he specialises in permanent roles within Information Security, Risk and IT Audit. He has worked in this space for the past year and continues to establish himself in the market with a thorough and professional approach. Conor has a keen interest in technology and looks to stay up to date on any updates or emerging trends within the industry.

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