Can Social Media be a Useful Tool for Recruitment?

by Vicky Medelinskaite, Recruitment and Office Coordinator at Abrivia

Over the years, technology has revolutionised the world and social media in particular has left a big footprint in digital marketing, communication and especially recruitment.

The question is, can it be a practical job hub like Indeed, Monster etc. to attract talented individuals?

When recruiting on social media, your efforts mainly fall into two categories: Attracting talent (inbound recruiting) and sourcing talent (outbound recruitment). For instance, the use of Facebook and YouTube videos is a great way to showcase the company culture, values and employee engagement to attract people to your company. Another social media platform – Instagram can help to build brand identity, authenticity and trust. If you regularly establish your distinct branding colours, style and appropriate photos from company’s social events you can use this to create a look that really stands out of news feeds.

Social media is great for sharing “behind the scenes” content so audiences have an opportunity to get to know the people in a business. Try to utilize different social media platforms to give your followers a sneak peek into your company culture and use this as a marketing tool as well!

In today’s booming economy most candidates will search recruitment agencies that get in touch with them to see what they are like before agreeing to be put forward for a role, so make sure the company profile is a selling point. A good company presence on public networking sites can be recognised as one that’s forward-thinking, transparent and caring for their team.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of companies make is that they think posting content all over social media channels is all they need to do to grow their followers. However, in reality – engaging with people is what makes business build the network. So, start making connections by liking and commenting on candidates posts to boost your reputation as a brand that cares about its audience.

Social media is constantly updating and developing. It continues to change how we receive information and it’s revolutionising the way we work. Therefore, it is vital to understand how to utilize social media at its best in order to build strong brand identity and attract great talents to your own business and to your clients.

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