Best Recruiting Practices

By Brian Hutchinson


Best practices:

1. Current employee referrals

This source knows your business inside and out and can help shape the culture fit you are seeking in a new hire. Often time business owners fail to see their current employee pool as an asset that can bring in more of the desired hires they are seeking. Let the employees know what you are seeking and they will often have the opportunity to bring in the next great hire. Don’t forget to include new hires in this process, they are often coming from their previous company and know others exploring new careers. Combining this tactic with a cash bonus or incentive is an additional way to bring in the new employees you desire.

2. Former employees

It may seem a bit unconventional but any employee who left on good terms may want to return with good terms. Staying in contact with this segment of former employees can also have the added benefit of referrals as well. In much the same way your internal employees know your business, former employees do as well.

3. New school social media

Getting hard to call this new school anymore but it now has a prolific reach that can have your hiring manager busy for weeks. Linked In remains the default professional site but Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram posts can unearth the candidates you are in need of. The Linked In route will provide the greatest insight on any potential hire but by following industry leaders on the other networks, you may come across some gems as well.

4. From within

Are the talents you are in need of, already employees? This is often the case and may still lead to the need for additional hires but you may fill a greater need immediately. This cost-effective tactic also has the added benefit of inspiring the troops knowing there are opportunities for advancement is great for moral.

5. An internship

This old school tactic can help build a pipeline of future hires while also being a goodwill gesture to your surrounding community. It can be done cost effectively but should not be done on the cheap. Make and create an environment that young future stars of your company want to engage and learn.

6. Job fairs

Again, another old school tactic that still has effective outcomes. Many community colleges host fairs on a regular basis, get it in there and display the reasons why working at your business is the best idea ever!




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