5 Tips for Relocating to Ireland

by Laura Young – Multilingual and Office Support , Abriva

I relocated back to Ireland during the summer after two years abroad. I am currently working on a multilingual desk sourcing candidates for roles based in Dublin. I now find myself supporting candidates relocating to Ireland and in a similar situation to where I was only a few months ago. It can be daunting experience to relocate somewhere new and I always find the best way to deal with these situations is to be as prepared as possible.

So here is a few of my top tips for candidates relocating to Ireland

1.Create a Budget
Doing some research about the city you are relocating to can really help you in creating a budget. Find out what the average prices of rent, transport and living expenses will be. Try to create a realistic budget for yourself especially if you won’t be receiving your salary in your new role until the end of the month. This will make your transition a little easier without having to worry about your monetary needs while trying to settle into a new city.

All anyone can talk about nowadays is the price of rent in Ireland and especially in Dublin. If you have any friends or family living in Ireland try reach out to them to see if they know anyone who is renting a room. Or see if it’s a possibility to stay with friends or family for a couple of weeks while you are securing your own place to live. If not, book into a hostel for a couple of weeks while you search for your own place. Staying vigilant of Daft.ie is one of the best ways to secure somewhere.

3.Consider Transport
If you are living in Dublin having a car isn’t a necessity. A great way to get around Dublin is cycling. With Dublin Bikes parked in various areas around the city it is an excellent way to get to and from work. Signing up is easy and it only costs €25 euro per year and the first 30 minutes are free. Getting a leap card is also a great idea. You can top it up at most newsagents and you can use it on the Dart, Luas and Dublin bus and save yourself up to 30%.

If you are arriving to Dublin with a job already lined up, you will be able to register your new details with the Revenue Commissioners. This can all be done online at revenue.ie. It is also a good idea to get your PPSN which can be arranged through citizeninformation.ie website.

5.Keep an Open Mind
Staying positive and keeping an open mind is one of the most important parts of relocating to a new city. If you have a certain hobby or sport that you love, try find a team or club you could join. It’s a brilliant way to make friends in a new city. Make the most of your new experience and taking the next step in your career. And remember to have fun!

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