The Interview Series: Frank and Sinead Scott-Lennon – Performance Conversations

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Declan welcomed father and daughter team Frank and Sinead Scott-Lennon, authors of “Performance Conversations Pocketbook” and discussed performance management, where its all gone wrong (and what to do about it), the vital role of the performance conversation, how HR ended up as being the ‘police’ of these processes, and why businesses should be encouraging a move towards a more future focussed coaching approach…..



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Frank Scott-Lennon, Founder and Principal Consultant at HR for Better Workplaces

Frank is one of Ireland’s leading management consultants and a respected thought leader in organisational behaviour. With 40 years’ experience, he provides precise recommendations and quick responses to clients on urgent HR and Industrial Relations issues. He specialises in improving individual and team performance, discipline handling, trade union negotiations, and putting in place terms and conditions relevant to particular businesses. He is also an inspirational trainer and he specialises in the recruitment for high-profile appointments across many sectors.


Sinead Scott-Lennon, Communications and Wellbeing Consultant at HR for Better Workplaces

Sinead has nearly 20 years’ experience as a senior Communications Professional in both Consultancy and In-House roles across Consumer, Financial and Charity sectors in Ireland, but primarily in the UK. She has vast experience in Media Relations, Crisis and Issues Management and has led several teams within high profile brands. Sinead has significant experience in People Management and has a deep understanding about how to get the best out of teams. She is currently completing a Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas, a globally renowned qualification and is focussing on Resilience and Recovery.