Vodafone gives victims of abuse extra leave

Employees who are victims of domestic violence are to be granted ten days of extra leave by Vodafone, making it the first big Irish employer to introduce a domestic abuse policy.

It comes as new research from the Vodafone foundation shows that 31% of Irish workers have experienced some form of abuse in the home.

The multinational says the new measure will give employees who have faced abuse at the hands of their partners time to seek professional help and counselling, attend police or court appointments, make arrangements to move house, and support their children.

Speaking on the launch of the policy CEO of Vodafone Ireland Anne O’Leary said:
“(We are) providing tools and training to our HR department and to our managers in terms of how to identify these things that might be going on in people’s lives,”.
“I think there is shame and reluctance to talk about it. I am hoping other companies will also follow in our footsteps.”

Vodafone Group has introduced the policy across all of its operating companies. It will shortly launch an app in Ireland to connect victims of domestic violence or abuse to advice and support services here.