Irish tech company joins 20 other Irish businesses experimenting with the four-day week

Typetec is set to become the first Irish IT services company to introduce a four-day working week, and joins 20 other Irish businesses experimenting with the four-day week.

The company revealed plans to move all of its employees to a four-day working week from the start of February 2022 and has signed up to Four Day Week Ireland’s pilot programme.

The companies signed up to date range from recruitment services to bioceuticals manufacturers and are located throughout Ireland with more businesses encouraged to join ahead of the start of the programme in 2022.

The pilot programme was launched earlier this year by Four Day Week Ireland with the aim of trialling the effectiveness of a four-day week for Irish businesses. The pilot is part of an international collaboration with 4 Day Week Global, and will run on a coordinated, parallel basis in a number of countries including Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.


Under the pilot programme, employers will introduce a four-day week for their employees over a six-month period starting in February 2022. The pilot includes business supports to help organisations explore flexible working smoothly and successfully. The business supports include a training programme developed by companies who have already successfully implemented a four-day week; coaching, mentoring and advice from four-day week business leaders, networking and collaboration with other participant companies in Ireland and internationally and access to world-class academic research and expert analysis.

Typetec has informed its team of the company’s decision to introduce a four-day week. Its primary goal is to improve work/life balance and empowerment for all of its employees, while simultaneously maintaining productivity levels, company growth and its high-quality customer service ethos.

“Long before the pandemic, we had introduced remote working for all employees, and this has proved to be highly successful with productivity levels and staff morale seeing a significant boost,” said Paul Dooley, CEO of Typetec.

“As a company that specialises in workplace productivity solutions, we realised that a four-day week was an obvious next step for us. We held a town hall meeting to inform the staff and the reaction was so positive and there’s a tangible air of shared excitement as we look forward to next year.

“Ultimately, we want to provide every employee with a great work-life balance and enable them to build a long and rewarding career with Typetec,” he added. “We’re delighted to launch this initiative as the company turns 40 in 2022, and we believe it’s central to our continued growth and success.”